Saturday, 23 March 2013

Scrap Booking Meets Vintage Up-cycling - Butterfly Shadow Box

I found this gorgeous craft activity by Fiskarscrafts using a scrap booking punch, vintage frames, books pages and a sewing machine to create your very own butterfly shadow box. 

You will need a vintage frame with backing board, vintage book pages that fit within frame, butterfly decals cut from the patterned paper of your choice, a butterfly shaped paper punch, sewing machine, glue stick or double sided tape.  

The how to
1. Measure your vintage book pages and cut to fit your chosen frame 
2. Cut out butterfly shapes or simply punch out using a scrap book punch
3. glue or tape the butterflies in place on the book pages
4. stitch down the centre of each butterfly as see above 
5. take a piece of chip board or the frames backing board and adhere the pages to the board then place in the frame and secure.
6. fold out the butterflies in the centre and hang  

A simple way to create beautiful art for your home

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Let Them Eat Cake - Easter Dessert Table Inspiration

Here's a great Easter entertaining idea by Heidi (sweetology) featured on Amy Atlas' website. Think I'm going to do a smaller version next week to share with family and friends. 

Creating a dessert table or candy buffet is super simple with the use of a covered table, pretty platters and glass's always nice to raise the platters at the back of the table and you can do this using pretty cake tins or bricks/ blocks covered in wrapping paper. If you don't have glass canisters well washed vintage vases will also work and tiered cake stands are also a great addition to any candy buffet. 


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Miranda Skoczek - Contemporary Australian Artist

Adore mag1

I adore Miranda Skoczek's artwork... here are some of her paintings I am totally crushing on!

pinterest courtesy of the design files

have a great weekend!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Simple Easter Birds Nest Cookies

I cannot believe Easter is just a few weeks away... feels like we were trimming the tree just yesterday!. 

Here is a fabulous and simple easter cookie idea by art of dessert. This recipe is no bake and involves three simple ingredients!. 

Bird's Nest Cookies

You will need chow mein noodles, butterscotch melts (you can also use white chocolate or caramel melts) and mini candied eggs - cadbury mini eggs are featured in the images above and below. Basically you simply melt the white, caramel or butterscotch buttons then mix the noodles through and place round 1/4 cup portions on a piece of parchment paper then place three eggs in the centre and leave to set. 

See full tutorial here
Bird's Nest Cookies

pictures by bake at 350... see their recipe - here


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Bargain Buys - Chevron & Fish Scale Patterned Bowls

Who would have thought you could find cute thrifty home wares at your local supermarket!!. Thanks to heads up from Natalie at In The Night Sky I scooped up six of these Chevron bowls at Woolworth's last week and fyi they are currently on sale for $2 each!!.

Love home grown veggies... baby onions and chillies from our friends garden...


Enjoy your weekend

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Vintage Thrifting - Bulb Bottle

I've been wanting a large, clear demijohn for a while now and haven't yet found the bargain I am after so when I stumbled across this bulb shaped bottle priced at $5 I had to buy it!.

I love the cork stopper and the ribbing on the neck of the bottle... unfortunately there is come clouding located on the upper body but I can live with that... overall it's an interesting thing!.

I also picked up these Wade fish for $10 at auction

Happy Thrifting!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning!

A random post today but one I wanted to share... this was the beautiful vision I had as I sat and drank my tea this morning... the rest of the house was dark, while the sun streamed through the kitchen window drenching this one space in our home. A nice way to start the day!.

thinking I will end the day something like this...

enjoy the weekend

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Pinterest and Its Weekly Visual Delights!

Here are 7 random pins I'm loving this week... 

gold striped macarons // photo by Aaron Young // desserts by Cupcakes Couture of Manhattan Beach
gold striped macrons


I am going to the beach this weekend and I want this kind of beach hair when I'm done!

gold bookends, wall paper - Chic Wall Coverings Ideabook by Jeanine Hays on Houzz
gorgeous wallpaper and bookends!

Vintage Marquee Lights
vintage letters

eclectic decor

This room is a gorgeous mix of pattern on pattern.
boho chic

gold polka dot wall.
oversized metallic polka dots


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tea For Two - Tea Party Sunday

With summer officially at a close Adam and I love to spend as much time outside in the courtyard, while it's still warm, and the neighbours Lilly Pilly isn't yet dropping berries all over the deck and so this weekend we are planning to have a spot of afternoon tea with all the trimmings.... scones yet to be baked.

Adam bought these tea leaves while in Qing Pu, China about an hour out of Shanghai. I also put in a request for flowering teas which he bought by the dozen, they were stunning and have been enjoyed by the whole family, looking forward to the next work trip!.

I bought some Wedgewood raspberry tea a few years ago - I'd no idea they made tea but I must say it is really lovely.

Finger sandwiches are the best aren't they? I like to make tuna & avocado, ham & seeded mustard, curried egg & alfalfa and smoked salmon & dill cream sandwiches.

Have a lovely day

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Thrifty Saturdays - More Turquoise Foo Dogs!!

A few weeks ago my husband came home and casually mentioned that he saw a set of Fu / Foo Dogs in a North Melbourne thrift store window ... at this point I should say when it comes to turquoise foo dogs and me, you don't see, you simply buy and so I did just that very next day!!!.

These guys were $30 as this particular opp shop is right near a well known vintage store, so they know how to price, but I still think of them as a great thrifty buy!.

Have a lovely weekend and happy thrifting!

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