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Welcome to Vintage Movement, a random collection shopping hauls, DIY crafting how to's and easy baking tutorials. I'm a new Mama, which is pretty exciting, so there will be a few best baby buys thrown in too!

Based in Melbourne Australia, I LOVE finding vintage treasure, firing up my hot glue gun and sharing baked delights with my family and friends and this space chronicles those moments. I'm mad for an online buy, I'm a huge fan of a sample pot of paint and I absolutely love the share and share alike nature of the social media community. From tissue paper pompoms to meringue kisses and Danish design, Hunted and Made is all about celebrating and reviving the past in a fresh, modern context.

x Tina

vintagemovementblog (at) gmail (dot) com


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    1. Thank you so much Maya, I am so thrilled you think so... I absolutely adore House Nerd :) Tina

  2. So happy to have discovered your blog! I share all the same passions and have been looking for a site like yours since moving to Australia and starting my own blog 6 months ago! I love all your projects!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Kelly! Great to e-meet you and thrilled you like my blog :)... heading over to check out Reckon & Revel now x Tina

  3. Loving this blog!! Can't wait to get lost :)


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