Friday, 29 June 2012

Vintage Murano Glass Hunting Scene - kitsch to the max!

This would have to be one of the most kitsch vintage items I've seen in a while!. It is a miniature Murano Glass hunting scene complete with hounds, horses, a quick brown fox and riders. The pieces range in size from 2cm - 8cm tall and and have been meticulously crafted ... it's crazy and cool at the same time!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Easy DIY Racquet Mirror - recycling sportswear made easy

Do you have a few of these lying around your basement???

Tennis Racket Wall Sculpture 1

Vintage Tennis Racquet Wall Sculpture by whitcombandcompany

Every time I visit a thrift or charity store I seem to find hoards of vintage tennis and squash racquets amongst the sporting goods... thankfully a number of clever DIY - ers have come up with a great way to up-cycle these vintage treasures.

Sports racket mirror

Love these racquet mirrors! hometone

You can make similar by having your local glass or frame shop cut a piece of mirror to size then simply place the racquet on a disposable cloth or piece of card board and using a product like liquid nails glue the mirror to the strings. Screw a hook into the top of the racquet and affix to the wall. Further instructions can be accessed via apartment therapy.

Fabulous Cork Message Board Racquet craft by Olive Bites Home

Jewellery Display by Monaluna

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cute Vintage Bird Print in a Circular Frame

From time to time I've used this beautiful little print to represent Vintage Movement on Pinterest, Twitter and of course on this Blog, however, I've not yet shared the what, where and how I obtained it..... Well, this little gem was tucked at the back corner of the thrift store in the frames department - that's right, this was declared a frame not printed artwork, the sweet bird branch scene was completely overlooked, so this gorgeous little item was mine for 50cents!.

I love that it's in a circular frame and though it bares slight ripples, as you can see, it is one of those items that makes me smile every time I see it... maybe not one for the investor but certainly one for the admirer of all things vintage!. 

Monday, 18 June 2012

Maribowl loving! Reproduction Depression style Glass

Occasionally I stumble across a reproduction that really catches my eye, these depressional glass inspired Maribowls are definitely one of those items... I use them all the time from afternoon tea parties to serving individual desserts, for mixed nuts and as you can see - lollies!. In my collection I have three large clear glass and 6 in pinks and blues both large and small. 

Maribowls have been in production since the 1960's and were made famous when the founder of Marimekko, Armi Ratia, used them in her famous garden parties at Bökärs, they've become appreciated gifts and collectors items. reference hus and hem.

visual, sturdy and versatile - love it! 

Here are some of Marimekko's amazing Iittala Maribowls

fandango tomelilla 22b bemz marimekko slipcovers for ikea

Marimekko tribe

Iittala Sand Maribowl 155 mm

Friday, 15 June 2012

DIY Doily Light Shade - re-purposing & up-cycling vintage lace scraps and motifs into a lighting feature

These instructions beautifully collaged by More Design Please designed by and instructions at Dos Family

I've been obsessed with the idea of making this amazing DIY Vintage Doily Light Shade for a year now!. In my defence I've had a bit of a time finding a perfectly round 50cm balloon locally having tried the local party shop and craft stores with little luck! Ideally I want a 50cm diameter 100cm circumference and have heard that fit balls or beach balls make great alternate moulds as well - not loving the idea of cutting out the fit ball, piercing a balloon seems far easier so I will continue the hunt for a beach ball or balloon in this size and will share my results soon. Ebay do have the large round balloons for sale at around $9-10 each.

This stunning and simple DIY project will enhance your living space in an instant... this is one of those amazing craft projects your guests will marvel at every time they visit!.


Shannon South via Apartment Therapy and her blog

Doily Lampshade 3:31:11 #1

this is an amazing hand made doily shade using fabric with hand crocheted borders 

Doily lampshade 3:31:11 #3

All you need to complete this Up-cycled DIY Doily Shade is 
1. 1 x perfectly round ball or balloon in the size of your choice  
2. Vaseline (this needs to be smeared over the sphere to prevent the ball from sticking to the glued lace)
3. Adhesive (some people use PVA, Wallpaper Glue or fabric stiffener see instruction links for best practise)
4. Doilies or lace pieces cut into rounds. 

Leave the doily shade to dry for at least 24-36 before removing the sphere.

Collect doily's or lace pieces from Thrift or Charity Stores, most will have a small selection in their linen department.

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Everyone Loves a Polaroid - Vintage Polaroid Land Camera 210

Vintage Polaroid Land Camera 210

Camera and carry case

A fun piece of vintage history this Polaroid Land Camera 210 was a charity store purchase. This was simply a must have item together with its original faux wood and PVC carry bag, which on it's own would make a great file carrier!. 
In 1967 the 210 sold on mass and according to the Film Photography Project it was "the first color-capable Polaroid to sell for under $50.00, and Polaroid made some 1,500,000 of them" fpp
Sadly this particular camera is not in working order - thinking it will be used as a display piece somewhere.... Below are two images taken using the same model - so cool!.

Polaroid 210 Land Camera / Image by Brian Moore

Taken using the Polaroid 210 Camera - Image by Brian Moore - here and here

Polaroid 210 Land Camera / Image by Brian Moore

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Vintage Metal Advertising Sign - Hill Hoist Australia

Vintage Hills Metal Sign 

This is a recent favourite purchase. I'd been hunting around for a vintage metal sign for my outdoor art collection (previously posted Junk Yard Art) and lucky for me this iconic Australian sign was available and became mine!.

It measures about 60cm long x 30cm and features the iconic hills branding and catch phrase. FYI the Hills Hoist  is a height-adjustable rotary clothes line, manufactured in Adelaide South Australia by Lance Hill since 1945 (thanks wikipedia!).

I love that this sign will withstand the elements, for the most part, there may be some fading or bubbling from the summer sun but overall it will continue to shine!.

Keep your eyes peeled at markets, auctions and rubbish disposal shops aka The Tip Shop for any metal sign age. Advertising sign age can often carry a hefty price (with the exception of the Hills sign above) so it may pay to keep these collectables inside and to consider vintage roadwork and industrial sign age for outdoor art which also makes a great impact and is readily available at lower prices.