Thursday, 31 January 2013

Simple DIY Artwork - Graphic Print Vintage Scarves As Art

Simple and affordable art is not easy to come by but with the right scarf, some thumb tacks or staples and a canvas you can achieve maximum visual impact for next to nothing. I found this DIY scarf project while hunting around interiorsaddict who invited Frith Huck to share this fabulous, simple DIY project last year.

This could be really great for thrifters alike as it allows you to display those vintage silk scarves and fabric offcuts we tend to come across at charity stores cheaply and simply.

I'm in love with the image below, horse head, fu dogs, bright colours and the juju hat = all my faves!.

Frith Huck's designer scarves - image courtesy of design addict
All you need is a canvas pre stretched as seen in the image above lower left corner (you can pick these up at all craft stores and some variety/discount stores) 
Lay the scarf out flat face side down, place the canvas over the top, centre it, then gather one end and staple or use thumb tacks to secure to the back of the canvas.
Repeat this on all sides making sure the scarf sits flush against the canvas.

Framed vintage scarves

here's another technique for framing scarves - grab a frame open up the back, lay the scarf down facing out make sure there are no creases and fix the back board in place. here

Marcus Design Inc - Hermes, oh my!

DIY vintage silk scarf shower curtain

Vintage Scarf Curtain - Pinterest another fantastic use of vintage scarves

Bedspread made from vintage scarves

vintage scarf patchwork bedspread - pinterest

House and Garden via Napoleon Perdis
vintage scarf pillows

Marcus Design Inc

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Remember The Days Of The Old School Yard - Back To School Vintage Party

With the new school year upon us here in Australia I thought I'd share this fabulous vintage inspired back to school party created by the clever team at Anduss Ruff. I'm loving everything about this vintage inspired theme... what a festive way to get the little ones excited and ready to face the new year.

Vintage Modern School Day Collection

Vintage Modern School Day Collection

I remember being more than a little nervous before the commencement of the school year... I can imagine a little party like this with a few of my school friends would have been a great way to turn those nerves into pure excitement.

Vintage Modern School Day Collection

Vintage Modern School Day Collection

Vintage Modern School Day Collection

Vintage Modern School Day Collection

To those sending their little ones off to school this week I wish you all the best if you're a little nervous and for those who can't wait for the year to get going I say enjoy.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tretchikoff's Chinese Girl Painting Up For Grabs March 20th

You would be hard pressed to find a vintage collector who doesn't love or own something from Vladimir Tretchikoff's body of work. I myself have the two mid century prints seen below and I'm always on the lookout for the Hindu Dancer or the Balinese Girl in mint condition and in their original frames... but if I had a spare 500,000 pounds I'd definitely raise my paddle at Bonhams on the 20th of March when Tretchikoff's original painting of the Chinese Girl is offered for sale for the first time in 60 years!. 



According to the BBC this brilliant work, painted in 1952, features a young Moniker Sing-Lee who was spotted by the artist while working in her Uncle's Cape Town Laundrette... wonder if they had any idea of the significance and popularity that would follow???. 

table,, stool, flowers, Tretchikoff

We definitely need Tretchikoff's Chinese Girl painting.  we have it

Barsony & Tretchikoff - love it!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Down Under Coffee Cup Madness!

I'd like to start this post by acknowledging the people of the Kulin nation whose land myself and my family are lucky enough to live on today and wish everyone a very happy long weekend...

Thought it was time to share the random vision in Adam's coffee cup from a few weeks ago and what a perfect day to do so...

For us this weekend will be spent pottering around the tiny little garden we've created on our decking!!! followed by drinks at my sister's and possibly a nice stroll on the beach down at Mordialloc (below) or Half Moon Bay.

oh yeah, Adam says his weekend will also involve a lot of this!!!

Have a great's to a peaceful, inclusive and relaxing three days!

Friday, 25 January 2013

A Night At The Museum - Monochromes

On Wednesday night my sister, niece and I found ourselves at the Wyndam Art Gallery, which just happens to be in the PM's seat, for the opening of my fabulous cousin's show entitled Monochromes.

David Sequeira - Monochromes

That's me (above), my lovely niece (below) who wore the coolest multi layered silk dyed dress, only wish the camerawomen had captured it properly!!!.

<p>David Sequeira's 13-year-old dog Sam now has some steps to help him up on his owner's bed after a random act of kindness from timber workers. Photo: Stuart Walmsley</p>
<p> </p>
<p><strong> Random acts of kindness</strong></p>
<p>Here's a story so heart-warming it will probably warm not only your heart but all your other giblets as well.</p>
<p>Artist David Sequeira, of Hughes, has a venerable little dog, Sam, who is more than 13-years-old.</p>
<p>''He's my best buddy ever since I got him from an animal shelter 11 years ago,'' Sequeira explains. ''He's developed a limp and can't get up on to my bed by himself. Yes, I know, he's very spoilt. He sits on the couch and sleeps on the bed. I even cook for him! What can I say?</p>
<p>''Last Thursday I called Bunnings' Fyshwick store and asked if there was such a thing as a small set of steps that I could buy to enable Sam to climb up on to the bed.</p>
<p>''I spoke to a man, plainly a dog lover, who said that no, there wasn't anything in stock that was suitable but that if I came in the next day and asked for him he'd see if something could be worked out for Sam.''</p>
<p>Of course, for Sam's sake, he was prepared to have a go, but as the world's worst handyman he had visions of spending a week making shonky steps that would fall apart (perhaps even while Sam was climbing them).</p>
<p>He had visions of Sam up to his ankles in glue.</p>
<p>So he, Sequeira, showed up at Bunnings the next day in great trepidation only to find that ''Some staff members had actually <em>made me</em> a small set of steps for Sam. They were even carpeted! I offered to pay but they wouldn't take anything. It was so moving. I can't explain how someone would be so kind and compassionate. Such a random act of kindness.''</p>
<p>Sequeira reported yesterday that the steps are ''Just the right size for Sam'' and that Sam now ascends, with ease, to an emeritus dog's rightful place, on his owner's bed.</p>
<p>Bunnings at Fyshwick was being modest, shy and coy yesterday and didn't want any of its participants in this noble project named.</p>
<p> </p>

David with his little doggy Sam
(image courtesy of Canberra Times via Pinterest)

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Very Belated Happy New Year - Vintage Dog Statue DIY

Hello lovelies! It is I, kicking off the year, having missed the world of blogging and the wonderful people and story sharing that comes with it.

 Here at Vintage Movement things have been a bit slower then usual, thrifting was temporarily replaced with hanging out with my hubby and family, setting NY resolutions and trying to go organic - I'm slow on the organic uptake but better late than never!. So I've dusted off the Zumba dvd's (a bit daggy but so much fun), ordered an organic fruit and veg box and turfed my much loved Hypnose mascara replacing it with an organic toxic free variety.... next to go will be the dramatically different for an organic moisturiser, bronzer and foundation, still on the hunt for a range that caters for my skin colour in Melbourne... the hunt continues.

On the vintage DIY front I thought I'd share this up-cycle project completed by my lovely Husband Adam.
A lucky trash and treasure find this vintage fibreglass Collie was a steal at $20 and a coat of paint and high gloss spray transformed him into a prized possession. 

There was a bit of a scary face situation prior to his makeover!