Saturday, 22 December 2012

Vintage Christmas Saturday - Yarn Wrapped Cutlery & Pine Cones

Christmas is well an truly on its way... are we already exhausted by the crazy lead up???
I've just finished the last of my gift shopping settling on a voucher for my nephew Hamish, a poor effort on my behalf, but when I asked him what he would like the list involved lots of high end pieces of technology none of which were under $300 so a voucher worth a sixth of that should do the rosey cheeked 9 year old nicely ;-)!!!.

 Last week we set up Mum and Dad's tree and while we were unpacking various boxes I stumbled across this fabulous vintage tablecloth... when I asked Mum where and when she got it she said "This old thing who knows, just take it" and so I did!. 

Apologies for not ironing first!

Inspired by pinterest I yarn wrapped some cutlery and placed some double sided tape on the under side to keep in place.

Adam and I found ourselves in the Fitzroy Gardens this week and I was lucky enough to find some pine cones lying around... I then took to them with yarn!.

Enjoy the next few days
 Happy Holidays to all!!!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Crafting DIY Pom Pom Wreath - 7 Days and Counting!

Here's a quick and colourful wreath that will make use of any yarn scraps and twine lying around the house 

You will need
yarn in your choice of colours
wire hoop
twine, ribbon or jute webbing (available in the garden section at most hardware stores)
pom pom makers (optional)
hot glue gun or craft glue

to make your pom poms

DIY Pom Pom - How to make tiny pom poms with a fork.
found here

wrap your wreath in jute, ribbon, yarn or twine and hot glue into place
 then simply glue your pom poms to your wreath, fix a ribbon to the top and hang


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Scandinavian Style! Simple Christmas DIY Craft Deer Head

In the days before department stores and online boutiques people generally gave handmade gifts and baked goods to their loved ones at Christmas time, many people still do, so in the spirit of a hand made Christmas I thought I would share this simple Scandinavian Inspired DIY project with you... it will cost about $10 to make and can be completed in under an hour, which in my book makes for a brilliant craft project!.

I found the instructions to create this look via Manmadediy here you will find the template and the link to enlarge the image to your desired size using blockposter. I then simply painted mine white and attached twine to the back to hang from my wire door... I also made one for my sister and attached pom poms to the antlers for extra detail.

To complete this project simply print out the template found here
You will also need
hard board or thick cardboard
jigsaw cutter 
protective eye wear (the saw dust goes everywhere)

Then simply trace, cut and paint

This was my first time using the a jigsaw cutter... can't say I loved the experience loud, jumpy, dangerous - not my fave combo but the result was worth it... as you can see I made a few little mistakes around the antlers!.

Enjoy your weekend

Also sharing here at Scandi Coast Home
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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Yarn Bombed Christmas Tree - Easy DIY Craft Activity

This year my better half proposed the idea of two Christmas trees in the living room and I was delighted by his festive enthusiasm but wondered how our small 4x5 meter living space would accommodate this much Christmas cheer!.

Then I remembered that I'd stashed away a fallen oak branch in the garage and in keeping with the array of twiggy DIY Christmas Trees in magazines etc I yarn bombed mine, stuck it in the centre of a ceramic garden stool and hung a few rustic metal stars from the branches.

When the festive season is over I'll continue to display this piece year round.

The entire look cost all of about $7 including the decorations that were found at Masters (our version of Home Depot) and it adds a nice touch to our festive theme for 2012.

I must confess I cannot knit (putting that on my new years resolution list!) so this is more of a yarn wrapped tree... if you want to make your own all you need is yarn in your choice of colours, a nice long branch and some Christmas decorations. Simply knot the string to one end and wrap the yarn around alternating the colours as you go - that is it!.


Monday, 10 December 2012

My Vintage Inspired Christmas Tree

I thought I'd share some images of my tree this year. I love Christmas decorating and after 6 years of married life my husband enjoys it more and more which is even nicer!. We've collected a lot of decorations over the years and I make an effort to buy decorations when we travel overseas. We have decorations from New Delhi, Paris, Versai, Rome and London and some vintage decorations that belonged to my Aunt Celine who was known for her to the minute kitsch 60's style think teak, Tretchikoff's, fiber optic fountain lamps, yellow roses and fuscia pink lippy!.

Each year the crowning jewel on our tree is the over-sized vintage inspired glass baubles I picked up in Richmond... they're the size of a melon and my siblings and I own 150 of them - long story short they were being cleared as a lot so we bought them all!!.

Merry Christmas

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Vintage Thrifting - Shabby Vintage Style Clock and Coastal Bits

Well it's much warmer in Melbourne than it was earlier in the week, it hit 30 degrees yesterday and it's set to be high 30's today, so it's really starting to feel like summer!.

 I started my Christmas shopping this week and stumbled across this oversized repro railway clock while I was out and about... it was in the back corner of the store tucked behind a number of prints and packages and I was thrilled to have found it. Truth be told it doesn't tick any more, was covered in glass splinters and the printed map face is quite scratched but it was all of $18 and I couldn't say no!.

The clock currently serves as a tray on top of my vintage steamer trunk coffee table

vintage thrifty Saturday!

These antique keys were a thrift store find at $2 each, I also found a few more capiz shell coasters and the sea shells and starfish were all bought at Trash and Treasure in Coburg. 

I think the clock and vintage coastal bits create a nautical, treasure chest kind of feel on top of my steamer trunk coffee table and for under $30 I'm loving that!.

Have a great weekend 
Happy Thrifting!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Vintage Christmas bits and other Pinterest finds!

Thought I'd share some Christmas pics today, mostly found on pinterest and all vintage or vintage inspired... by the way it is freezing here in Melbourne at the moment, went to Collingwood (for a samples and seconds clothing sale I couldn't miss!) this morning and the sun was shining and now it's ugg boots and blanket weather... summer where are you?

Anyway, here are some of my fave vintage-esque Christmas pins found here

 Pompom deer

wrapped flatware

>> jingle bells

Christmas wreath of old antique and vintage silver plates/platters

I've already posted this image but I had to include it again, this wreath is made from old antique metal trays

Christmas Decorations - lovely

Vintage Christmas

Marc Jacobs Christmas

I took this pic at Selfridges - To me these mannequins are a combination of SinĂ©ad O' Connor and Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love back up singers.... do you see it??.

1957 vintage Christmas - LOVE!

1950's Christmas Tree

Vintage Mid Century Christmas - A vintage red Charles Eames sofa fits right into this festive scene featuring a rare pink aluminum Christmas tree

Mid Century Christmas Magic!

The Girl's Girl: Christmas kitsch, Boopsie Daisy-style

Christmas placecards

Isn't this a gorgeous way to create place cards...

White Pinecone Christmas Garland, this would be easy to make!

♥ knitted christmas stockings

♥ rustic christmas

dreaming of a white Christmas

Christmas wreath made from old family photo's - Superb DIY Craft Idea...

wreath made from old family photos

Vintage Christmas

vintage world map