Saturday, 30 August 2014

The $6 Kmart Metal Plant Stand!!

I am a bargain hunter from way back when. Whether I'm spending $5 or $1500 I have to get value for money. I think it goes back to my days in wholesale fashion - once you see the cost price of an item it becomes hard to pay retail at big chain stores. With the exception of handmade, local or ethically produced merch I lurve buying cheap, functional bits of pieces - I think it's the committed thrifter within.

I spotted this planter on Instagram last week and went straight to 24 hour Kmart and bought two in turquoise. $6.50 is my idea of an out right crazy bargain. Such a useful buy... perfect for my house plants!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Vintage Thrifting Goodness - Concrete Swan Pots

It has been a while since I've shared a vintage shopping haul in this space and I'm not too sure why. I certainly haven't stopped thrifting by any means and this was one of those finds that had my heart pumping! It was also quite literally one of those trash to treasure purchases after the previous owners found them in the garden of their new bayside Melbourne property. A moment of clarity resulted in listing the pair for sale on eBay after initially thinking they would simply end up on the hard rubbish pile.

I love vintage swan figurines and a pair of concrete pots were at the top of my wish list. There are a few chips here and there and they have been painted white but they are an original, large mid century set and I just adore them!

happy thrifting!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

DIY Sponge Cut Cement Soaked Letters

I am loving cement based homewares at the moment. From pot plant stands to coffee tables concrete has ventured beyond flooring and counter tops and found its way to my heart! While perusing pinterest recently I found this cute DIY tutorial via Gedane and I wanted to share my own version.

If you haven't mixed concrete before it's super simple, just add water, mix to a cake batter-ish consistency pour and leave to set! The best thing about this little DIY is that you can achieve the cement rendered look in any shape or size without needing a mold.

To make your own sponge soaked cement cutout you will need:
Cement (small bag)
Marking Pen (optional)
Bucket (for the cement mix)
Sponge (preferably not less then 1/2-1 inch thick)
Baking paper (to lay your soaked sponge shapes)

1. Start by cutting your sponge shapes. You can use a template marked out on your sponge as a guide
2. Mix cement and water in your bucket to the correct consistency
3. Dip your sponge cuts outs in the cement and soak
4. Lightly wring out leaving a veil of cement over the outside of the sponge piece
5. Leave to dry lying down