Sunday, 5 May 2013

DIY Lily Pond Cake - Fondant Frogs and Lily Pads

I made this cake for my niece a few years ago and it was one of the best DIY cakes I've had the pleasure of decorating... I simply used a store bought cake (cheating I know!) and made my own ganache filling to improve the taste and to support the structure of the cake and it was enjoyed by all in attendance.

I started this cake by forming the lilac flower that features on top, the rest of the theme simply evolved from there.

Instead of colouring the fondant I hand made sea blue fondant and then hand painted the various colours broad brush strokes across the cake and fondant covered board.... the frogs, flowers and lily pads are all fondant though I did use acrylic tear drop shaped beads to enhance the wings on the dragonflies.

The gold flecks were created using a damp pastry brush and edible powered gold leaf....

This is a cute design for a range of ages and birthday themes from princess parties to fancy dress and beyond!.


Rooted In Thyme


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Thrifty Saturdays - Vintage Tin and Peg Tidy

I hope everyone had a lovely week! Just a few little vintage buys to share with you today...

This is one of my favourite little tins purchased for $2 at trash and treasure a while ago - love the pattern

This peg tidy was a handy little find at a local opp shop for $3... I will probably use it for pegs but was also thinking it would be great as a washing powder or kitchen canister...

Couldn't say no to this little mug... it has a lustre like glaze all over and the winged handle is super cute... it makes a lovely little bud vase and was all of $2 at Kew Salvo's.

Happy Thrifting