Wednesday, 31 October 2012

DIY Bamileke Style Headdress

A few weeks ago I posted about my obsession with Bamileke Headdress or Julu Hats and how I am on the lookout for one... ideally I wanted it to be about 1 meter or about a yard in diameter and either white or a bright hue. So far nothing has presented itself and in my impatience I decided to DIY it in a round about way, my version doesn't have feathers but it was lots of fun to create and has added a nice element to our room while I wait for the real thing!.

Inspired by the lovely Tania Maree of Scandi Coast Home, I painted my DIY Headdress in British Paints Pool House and June Sky .... you can check out her stunning feathered headdress here

I stumbled across this round wicker display piece on a trip to a homewares store in Thornbury and thought I could do something with that! It was a one off clearance sample for $30, I couldn't say no and went straight to Bunnings to choose the paint!

What would I do without sample pots!.

When I started painting the sun was shining and in typical Melbourne style by the time I finished the first coat the weather turned!.

 it then rained for the rest of the afternoon

So the rest of the painting was completed in the garage

Voila! xx

Monday, 29 October 2012

Putting the V in Vintage for Melbourne's Spring Racing Carnival

I love this time of year, summer is gearing up, the festive season will soon be upon us and people are starting to embrace the fun side of life entertaining friends and putting their feet up. Melbourne's Spring Racing Carnival is, if nothing else, a great excuse to frock up with friends, share some bubbles (spiked or not) and have some fun. 

Next Tuesday's Melbourne Cup is a great way to view current fashion trends and the creativity that exists within the Australian fashion scene... I'm talking the Birdcage, Members and above not so much the car park, crazy fancy dress, general admission looks!!!.

In the spirit of all things hat related I've found some vintage looks that will set your heart racing! Apologies for the pun!.

#vintage #accessories #hats

Vogue Vintage Hats

Vintage Hats
Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger

Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Thrify Saturdays - Vintage Turquoise Foo Fu Dogs

Welcome to vintage thrifting show and tell for another week. A few months ago I posted about wanting a pair of turquoise Foo/ Fu dogs for my home but wanted them to be vintage rather than reproductions. Over the years I've had a bid or two on vintage pairs but I've never successfully acquired a set for myself.

I found myself in the Melbourne suburb of Ashburton on wednesday and on the way home decided to stop in at the local Charity Store... you know when you walk into an opp shop or thrift store and you think nope, not going to find anything in here today, well that's exactly how I felt there was Mikasa for miles and not a retro kitsch anything to be seen, until I found these babies staring at me behind the Maxwell & Williams cheese platter and I just about jumped out of my skin!.

Ok so they are smaller than I had originally wanted but they are turquoise, well moulded and in mint condition.... I love them to bits!.

I also found these vintage capiz shell coasters $2 for 9 (background)

Friday, 26 October 2012

Technicolour Dream Coats 80's style!

Had to share this gem with you pinned here

Who doesn't love a bit of vintage revival ...all I can say is long live the 80's!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

DIY Pajaki Paper Chandelier Tissue Pom Pom Magic

I had a great weekend of crafting and as promised have devised a DIY Pajaki Paper Chandelier a la Vintage Movement tutorial.

I've been making tissue pom poms for a while, as many of you have I'm sure, and must say this chandelier is a great way to extend your love of pom poms and paper art in an inexpensive and highly visual way!.

I'm thinking I'll make another 4 or five for Christmas drinks as we are having a Bollywood themed event this year so it will be all about bright colours and fun and these chandeliers will be perfect hung from tree branches or hung high in the centre of the courtyard...

At about $10 each these DIY chandeliers are worth their weight in gold... If you do make one I'd love to know how you go!.


Prepare your hoop, flowers and straws for assembling
1. To begin wrap your yarn around the wire hoop as shown below
2. Then prepare your flowers by layering at least 20 sheets of crepe and tissue paper cutting them into a circular shape and then cutting out rough petal shapes to give the flowers dimension. You could also use a circle cutter or round scallop edged punch which would automatically make flower shapes for you.
3. Cut about 15-20 straws into segments - I cut mine at about 1" lengths  
4. Divide your hoop into four even segments and using your wire twist tie start at the first segment and attach the wire to the hoop.
5. Begin threading the straw segments and layered paper flowers alternating each time until you have achieved the desired length for your paper chandelier strands and attach the other end to the half way point on your hoop as shown in the image to the right (below).
6. Then repeat on the opposite side until you have completed the second stand and attach as seen below.
You can make your draped paper strands as long as you like.
7. Use a coat hanger to hang your top stands while you start on the bottom repeating the same process.
 at this stage your chandelier is almost complete you simply need to add your tissue flowers for decoration

For my flowers I simple made 4 mini Martha Stewart tissue pom poms and attached them to the chandelier ... here's the how to... I used 6 sheets of paper cut into 10" x 5" rectangles.

Once your flowers are made use the wire tail attached in image 2 (above) and tie the flowers to your chandelier.. you can make as many as you like

and that is it!

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Happy Halloween - easy DIY decorating craft ideas

Ok so Halloween is approaching and while the celebration of this ancient holiday is just finding its feet in Australia it is widely celebrated the world around. For some cultures it's a time to remember departed loved ones and for others it's a great way to celebrate the start of winter and the festive season to come. In fact according to Pagan Celtic tradition Halloween, celebrated the night before New Year (Nov 1 in the Pagan calender) was a night where the living and the dead (good and bad) mingled amongst one another before the onset of the harsh cold winter.

When I was little Halloween was seldom mentioned in Melbourne but just last week I received a (will your door be open to trick or treaters) note in the mail ensuring that the little ones in our street are warmly welcomed when they come knocking....  so if you are having a celebration I have found some simple craft projects to enhance your theme.

Enjoy xx

Hang treat bags filled with lollies from the branch of a tree sprayed black and placed in a pot.

Drape your mantle piece in grey tulle or spider web floss (usually available at craft & party stores)
Gather any black (reproduction or vintage) items and group candles etc...

Spider Jar Lanterns ... take an old jar place an LED Tea light, I repeat LED battery operated Tea light in he centre stuff with tissues or faux spider web floss and place a plastic spider on top!!

DIY Halloween decoration - Creepy Punch Bowl - rinse new rubber surgical glove with water, fill with water, tightly close with twist tie, freeze solid, mix 2 qts apple juice, 2 qts cranberry juice, 2 ltr ginger ale in large punch bowl, cut glove carefully off of hand and fingers with sharp scissors and float molded hand in punch.
Take a rubber glove (wash it thoroughly) fill with water fasten the top and freeze then pop into a fruit punch for a scary surprise!.

DIY Chevron Pumpkins
DIY painted chevron pumpkins - celebrate in style!
Cupcake Liner Witch Hat
Fold a cupcake liner into a witch hat!

Missoni inspired Pumpkin

ghost dresses as outdoor Halloween decor. pretty sweet.
Chicken wire 'ghost dresses' mould the wire into shape and voila!

Halloween punch bowl
Pumpkin ice bucket

apple smiles
Toothy Apple Snack

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Vintage Shopping Saturday - Macrame Owl Thrifter's Delight!

Saturday is starting to be my thrifty buys sharing day here at Vintage Movement and today I have a great little find to share with you. I've previously posted about the resurrection of macrame in crafting circles and finally I can say I have joined the crew, well, I've bought an item once made by a nifty crew member which is kind of the same thing, well not really, but we'll just go with it for now.. I guess I should really say I've finally started my macrame collection.

This vintage mustard coloured birdie measures about 70cm long and 35cm wide... she sits on a drift wood perch and has chestnut coloured eyes and beak.

Truth be told the hessian style cord used to create this beauty gives me a bit of hay fever but the itchiness is well worth it... haven't shared this info with Mr. B, he was not so keen on "Hootie & the Blow Fish" coming to live with us in the first place and hay fever would be an absolute deal breaker in his eyes, so we shall keep that info to ourselves ;-).

Have a great weekend! x

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