Thursday, 21 March 2013

Let Them Eat Cake - Easter Dessert Table Inspiration

Here's a great Easter entertaining idea by Heidi (sweetology) featured on Amy Atlas' website. Think I'm going to do a smaller version next week to share with family and friends. 

Creating a dessert table or candy buffet is super simple with the use of a covered table, pretty platters and glass's always nice to raise the platters at the back of the table and you can do this using pretty cake tins or bricks/ blocks covered in wrapping paper. If you don't have glass canisters well washed vintage vases will also work and tiered cake stands are also a great addition to any candy buffet. 



  1. Look forward to seeing your Easter buffet vintage style! Those bunny biscuits look too good to eat. xx

    1. Hey Rach,
      Hope you and your gorgeous family had a great Easter!. This is a seriously cute buffet, I have been MIA and totally missed my Easter reveal this year, very naughty... will save it for Easter 2014, no doubt it will come around before we know it!. xx Tina


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