Friday, 23 January 2015

My Favourite Buys January 2015

Thought I'd share some of my favourite buys with you today and some instagram pics of the week at the same time. I'm generally not very brand focused when I shop. I like great value and max visual impact whether I'm spending $5 or $500 and I get bored with my interior easily and often hunt for new objects to freshen up my look. At the moment I'm on the hunt for some fabulous plates and serving ware which I'll share in another post... 

This month I'm loving the following -      

Pink salt lamp -
My Himalayan pink salt lamp. This beauty not only looks like a big chunk of Rose Quartz, when heated by the flame of a tea light candle, is also said to reduce allergens, moisture and pollutants in the air. It also looks great as part of a coffee table vignette clustered with greenery and books.
Plywood frame
Born from a botched DIY project these long pieces of timber were nailed together in an attempt to create a frame. $3 a piece at Bunnings, this creation has now become a fabulous display piece in my home for draping foliage and fairy lights.
Wall Decals
I know these wall decals have been around for a while but I honestly I adore them. I'm a renter so they are like the best thing since removable wall hooks! I have gold and copper decals on my kitchen wall currently and they really add a bit of fun and whimsy to the space.
Three favourites in this pic. The gem mirror from West Elm - gosh I love this lil beauty. I think I found the last one in Melbourne and I use it as a trivet on my side table.

Real Living Magazine is the next fave featured here, The colours, the products and the styling - it's all too gorgeous! Definitely a favourite monthly read and source of inspiration.

Saving the best till last is my leopard print Michael Kors Chrono watch. This one is MK-5904 which is an older variation of the MK Bradshaw shape and it works back with so many looks.

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Hello 2015!!! Better late than never - right?

Hello again!! Happy New Year xx

Thrilled to be back kicking of the year with a small recap of my festive season fun. I can't believe we are right into the swing of the 2015 already but I'm looking forward to it and can feel this year will be fab fun!

I've mentioned this a few times already but my year on Instagram has really changed my focus. I've met so many amazing creatives over the last few months and spent a lot of time flat laying, styling, prop searching and crafting to keep my feed fresh on the page.

Instagram also explains the lack of contact made in this space of late which is crazy because I've never had as much visual material to share!

So here are a few pics from the last few weeks. Today I'm also mixing up a batch of DIY chalk board paint... I know it's been done to death but I adore the look of inky blue/black paint and my fire engine red cabinet really needs a facelift!

An early Christmas present - Typo Lightbox
My contribution to the annual Gingerbread house bake off! My sister made an Eiffel Tower and my brother a Hobbit's Den

My thrifted knitted nativity set - crafty Christmas fun!
Our heritage hydrangeas were if full bloom as I decorated the tree for 2014 and they teamed perfectly!
My outdoor Christmas table. We fed 14 family members and designed a fresh Mexican & Asian hawker street food menu. Will share food pics and a fab grilled corn recipe very soon!
Happy 2015