Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tea For Two - Tea Party Sunday

With summer officially at a close Adam and I love to spend as much time outside in the courtyard, while it's still warm, and the neighbours Lilly Pilly isn't yet dropping berries all over the deck and so this weekend we are planning to have a spot of afternoon tea with all the trimmings.... scones yet to be baked.

Adam bought these tea leaves while in Qing Pu, China about an hour out of Shanghai. I also put in a request for flowering teas which he bought by the dozen, they were stunning and have been enjoyed by the whole family, looking forward to the next work trip!.

I bought some Wedgewood raspberry tea a few years ago - I'd no idea they made tea but I must say it is really lovely.

Finger sandwiches are the best aren't they? I like to make tuna & avocado, ham & seeded mustard, curried egg & alfalfa and smoked salmon & dill cream sandwiches.

Have a lovely day


  1. It all looks lovely, a great way to spend an afternoon.

    1. Thanks Kellie :) we had a nice day, hope your Sunday was a good one too! xx Tina

  2. I love a tea party and yours looks divine. I have a tea party enthusiast aged 3 who is learning their shapes so our sammies are a bit more varied shapewise. She keeps demanding hexagons but im not sure i can deliver on that request!

    1. Thanks so much Max, afternoon tea is the best! Love that your little lady loves her tea parties too and I'm impressed she knows what a hexagon looks like let alone can pronounce the word, she is clearly a bright little lady xx Tina :)


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