Friday, 15 June 2012

DIY Doily Light Shade - re-purposing & up-cycling vintage lace scraps and motifs into a lighting feature

These instructions beautifully collaged by More Design Please designed by and instructions at Dos Family

I've been obsessed with the idea of making this amazing DIY Vintage Doily Light Shade for a year now!. In my defence I've had a bit of a time finding a perfectly round 50cm balloon locally having tried the local party shop and craft stores with little luck! Ideally I want a 50cm diameter 100cm circumference and have heard that fit balls or beach balls make great alternate moulds as well - not loving the idea of cutting out the fit ball, piercing a balloon seems far easier so I will continue the hunt for a beach ball or balloon in this size and will share my results soon. Ebay do have the large round balloons for sale at around $9-10 each.

This stunning and simple DIY project will enhance your living space in an instant... this is one of those amazing craft projects your guests will marvel at every time they visit!.


Shannon South via Apartment Therapy and her blog

Doily Lampshade 3:31:11 #1

this is an amazing hand made doily shade using fabric with hand crocheted borders 

Doily lampshade 3:31:11 #3

All you need to complete this Up-cycled DIY Doily Shade is 
1. 1 x perfectly round ball or balloon in the size of your choice  
2. Vaseline (this needs to be smeared over the sphere to prevent the ball from sticking to the glued lace)
3. Adhesive (some people use PVA, Wallpaper Glue or fabric stiffener see instruction links for best practise)
4. Doilies or lace pieces cut into rounds. 

Leave the doily shade to dry for at least 24-36 before removing the sphere.

Collect doily's or lace pieces from Thrift or Charity Stores, most will have a small selection in their linen department.

Happy Crafting!

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