Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Caring For My Fiddle Leaf Fig With The Parrot Flower Power

A few weeks ago I talked about finally acquiring the super hard to find (in Melbourne) Fiddle Leaf Fig. When I say hard to find, there were plenty of $150+ varieties to be found but as usual I wanted a value for money find, that was at least 60cm tall and did I mention multi stemmed!!. After about a hundred and ninety calls around town and an outbound trip on the freeway I was in Fiddle Ficus heaven with enough stems to share with my sisters while still having a couple of plants to place around my home.

There seems to be a fine line between pleasure and pain when growing and caring for this glorious plant... I'm no green thumb, fortunately my hubby is skilled in the plant growing department, but I still wanted to do my homework to make sure we weren't going to lose our lil figgy. My googling proved to be disheartening "houseplant equivalent of a newborn" was one headline and there were a number of very sad looking brown fig leaves in designer pots happening in the blog world... how was I going to do this.

As fate would have it my inbox seemed to have had the answer in the form of the Parrot Flower Power. It's an App with a twiggy stick thing (yep, I'm so tech savvy right now!!) you download the app place the stick in your pot and within about 24 hours it starts to tell you what your plant needs in all its magical blue tooth glory!.

So far its been in for 48 hours... this is what it had to say. A huge thanks and shout out to my lovely brother in law for screen shooting the app for me!. Loving the detail and the to do notifications.

Next I'm hoping to try it on my new Aspidistra and then my sisters veggie patch as you can monitor multiple plants in the one garden bed too!. I'm thinking this would be great for holiday makers too. My parents have just arrived home from a trip to Vietnam and were less then impressed with the state of their garden - let's just say we didn't water the plants enough, or at all... to be honest we just plain forgot ;-)!.

Copper taped pot inspired by the amazing ASF

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