Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Macaron Cake - Luxbite Endless Love & Lolly Bag Cake - YUM!

My hubby and I are loving Melbourne's dessert hot spot Luxbite! This year I ordered the Lollybag cake for Mr's birthday, you may have seen it featured on Masterchef, and he then surprised me with their extravagant 'Endless Love' macaron cake for my Birthday and it was worth every penny!. Light, creamy, rosie and tangy this cake was enjoyed by all and the equally gorgeous lolly bag cake was full of modern day Willy Wonka style whimsy!.

Lolly Bag Cake 
Humble in size but certainly not in flavor, this cake was delicious and well worth trying... filled with all your milk bar faves from red skins to bananas, freckles, jaffas and spearmint leaves... it's also available daily by the slice.

lycee ganache, rose cream & fresh raspberries - oh my!

Luxbite: 38 Toorak rd. South Yarra


  1. Both look absolutely delicious. Your Endless Love cake was so beautiful too!

    1. Hey Dana, hope you are well :)... it was almost like eating a piece of art!.

  2. Oh wow, the macaron cake looks amazing! Haven't been to Luxbite yet but will have to now I've seen both of these creations, gorgeous.

    1. Both were sooo yummy and interesting at the same time... a slice of the lolly bag cake is definitely worth a try when you go down, would love to hear what you think!. :)


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