Thursday, 17 October 2013

Discovering Dusk's Australian Made Artisan Candle Range

Last week I received a little note from the team at Dusk promoting their new Artisan Range and it reignited my love of candles and aromatherapy (pun intended!). There is something so gorgeous about candle light isn't there? From glittering birthday candles to a relaxing bath by candlelight these flickering objects evoke nothing but joy and happiness all round! Truth be told, I'm usually a French candle kinda gal, but I was so pleased to learn that this W.A based candle house still hand pour most of their signature range locally and the Artisan range is no exception. So after a mean case of the flu this week I dragged myself out of bed, showered, tried to cover my panda eyes with layers of make-up and headed in store to find out a bit more...

Upon arrival I was greeted by a lovely shop assistant and the variety of offerings that complete the Artisan range. The candles, available in five bespoke fragrances form the center of the range, each hand poured into a crafted glass jar with a hand placed pure cotton wick. The candle wax is a soy, beeswax and coconut oil combination and each candle comes with a solid glass lid that can be used as a base while burning. The packaging and presentation of the range is streamlined and minimalist and will blend well with any interior and Dusk have also released a room spray and mood reeds as well as body wash and lotion in each of the 5 key fragrances.

Now, unfortunately given my cold/ flu situation, I wasn't able to establish my fave scent but I'm thinking I may possibly be a Juniper Berry & Geranium girl which is White Breeze and perhaps for something a bit fresh say in the bathroom or kitchen I may possibly be a Pink Grapefruit & Amber Rose lady which is Pink Citron... The three other fragrances are Shangri-La, Amber Rose and Midnight Orchid and the team at Dusk have made it super simple to discover and learn more about the Artisan range online and they are also hosting a weekly $100 online voucher competition through their facebook app!.

FYI the cloches are not part of the range but are used to smell each fragrance in store - lovely!

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