Saturday, 17 August 2013

Vintage Shopping - Thrifty Saturdays

Though I'd share a couple of vintage thrifty buys today... a few weeks ago I went treasure hunting and found a few cute items that I snapped up for under $15. The first was a teak deer head and the second a chalk ware Mary and Jesus - I had visions of coupling it with a shell encrusted cross and a Mexican day of the dead skull but as soon as my mum saw it she was in love, so it is hers, she has just handed over some Barsony and Bitossi (thank you Mother!) so it is the least I can do...

There were many things to see and buy at the warehouse space we visited and my girlfriend bought some gorgeous treasures as shown below - love the Bumper Book for Boys and the Venetian tray both about $10 each.

Should have bought the amber bottle top right as well...

retro tiki chic anyone???

Liv's buys

My husband is obsessed with these old scales... he is convinced they will be the thing to have one day and while I think they are cool I'm just not so sure myself but I took this pic for his benefit anyway.

happy thrifting everyone!!


  1. oh I love the Mary....your mum has good taste. looks like treasure hunting heaven. Al x

    1. Thought you would Allison, I definitely thought of you while posting this! xx :) Hope you had a great weekend

  2. What fabulous finds - oh it must have been so hard to show restraint! And I think those scales are really cool. Your husband might be on to something!
    Amanda x

    1. Hi Amanda,
      You're so right, it was one of the most visually pleasing but well priced vintage warehouses I've visited... I could have bought the lot. Hubby will be thrilled that you think he's on the money with the scales!.


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