Wednesday, 14 August 2013

When The Seasons Change - Cherry Blossom

Do you have any little, incidental things you are grateful for?? Well for me, Cherry Blossoms in spring are one of the little things in life that I like having around and is sure to make me smile... I love it when the streets are beaming with blossoms signalling the start of spring and I noticed some gorgeous trees in full bloom on the way home from my the local park yesterday, so I picked two small branches!.

Think I'll do something like this with them

cherry blossoms
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  1. they give us hope of warmer weather to come. so pretty!

    1. Totally Cheryl - so glad you like them too x Tina

  2. I too have been admiring the pretty cherry blossoms when I go for my daily walks, but I've been too scared to pick them just in case some neighbour screams at me!

    1. OMG I know exactly what you mean Trishie, I'd never usually pick the blossoms in fear of the same but I was with my sister, nephew, niece and their puppies so I felt safe ;-)... No one would yell at a pregnant lady so you should be fine to take your share too!!.


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