Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Vintage Inspired Work, Home Office & Study Spaces

lovely desk area

Here are some vintage inspired work spaces I found on pinterest and filed away for future reference on my "Work It, Baby!" board. I need to create a bit of a space for my computer and other bits, but our tiny unit is very unforgiving and finding the right space near the right electrical sockets is proving difficult... also finding the right table is the other thing - I'm thinking aged reclaimed wood on trestle base - not very original but I love the look... failing that I could settle for the table below - ikea legs and what I think may be an ikea top hmmm....

Kelli Murray /

Gorgeous Natural Bamileke Feather Headdress (Juju hat) above a desk.

Pipe shelves and desk

Love the chair


Art Wall on pegboard, fabulous.

Camilla Krishnaswamy #studio

bri's #office #interior #design

Work space

living room with a desk and bar

How old school is that - drinks bar/office combo -love it!


  1. Great work spaces! I have the stool in the fourth photo, and it is so heavy that it actually makes it unpleasant to use.

    1. Hey Dana,
      That stool is sooo cool, I can't believe it is that solid!! My goodness me the amazing things you must have in your collection - one such as me can only dream :). x Tina


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