Saturday, 24 August 2013

Laduree - For The Love Of Macarons

I'm yet to find a person, nut allergies aside, who would turn down a Macaron. I'm a devotee hook, line and sinker so when my husband popped over to Sydney for work he was sent straight to Laduree with instructions to bring home the bacon and some Macarons!!. As usual my instructions were kind of lost in translation and the result was about $80 worth of Macarons (18 in total) - seriously I'm not joking - $80 worth of macrons, but I was thrilled to have sampled a box from the Sydney store and the additional lilac and green boxes were given away as thank you gifts.

Last year I posted about our visit to Laduree's first patisserie/cafe which opened 1862 in Madeline, Paris and it was a taste sensation, so when I heard there was new Sydney cafe, I had to sample the goods. I can't say it was the taste explosion I had remembered but it was worth trying and the packaging is certainly just as beautiful as I had remembered. In 2010 I bought the Laduree recipe book and it's filled with some gorgeous tips to making some of the worlds favorite French desserts, so this is definitely something I would recommend checking out, if you happen to pop by.



  1. Almost to nice to eat them!! Beautiful packaging!

    1. Hi there and thank for stopping by :)... Totally agree, Laduree's the attention to detail is amazing! x Tina


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