Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Yarn Bombed Christmas Tree - Easy DIY Craft Activity

This year my better half proposed the idea of two Christmas trees in the living room and I was delighted by his festive enthusiasm but wondered how our small 4x5 meter living space would accommodate this much Christmas cheer!.

Then I remembered that I'd stashed away a fallen oak branch in the garage and in keeping with the array of twiggy DIY Christmas Trees in magazines etc I yarn bombed mine, stuck it in the centre of a ceramic garden stool and hung a few rustic metal stars from the branches.

When the festive season is over I'll continue to display this piece year round.

The entire look cost all of about $7 including the decorations that were found at Masters (our version of Home Depot) and it adds a nice touch to our festive theme for 2012.

I must confess I cannot knit (putting that on my new years resolution list!) so this is more of a yarn wrapped tree... if you want to make your own all you need is yarn in your choice of colours, a nice long branch and some Christmas decorations. Simply knot the string to one end and wrap the yarn around alternating the colours as you go - that is it!.



  1. Very chic!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. what a posh stick!!! your green puppie. your place is so favourite tree/stick so far!!.
    Allison x

    1. Thanks Allison, that is such a nice compliment :-)... but meanwhile your vintage tea cup tree rocks with visual wonder, vintage lovely-ness and creative genius all round. Green puppy has crept into a few posts but I haven't formerly introduced him, I'm thrilled you like him, will post his thrifty creation story soon. xx :-)

  3. Oh my lord! Can you believe my work had a christmas tree competition and one of the guys in my office won with his yarn bombed chrissy tree? First time I'd ever seen anything like it and it was gorgeous! Definitely storing this away for future christmas projects! xx

    1. Firstly I am loving that your work has a Christmas Tree competition - awesome and secondly what a coincidence! Glad it proved popular at your work!!. Look forward to seeing your tree in 2013, no doubt it wil be amazing! Merry Christmas xx Tina


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