Monday, 15 October 2012

Vintage Style Cockatoo Lamps - Kitsch Australiana

After mentioning my recent search for a vintage Yellow Crested Cockatoo figurine I was reminded of my love of Cockatoo lamp bases. You may have seen them featured in magazines over the years or perhaps you are lucky enough to own one... either way they are kitsch as kitsch can be and I love the vintage Australiana feel they give to an interior.

Here are some I'm drooling over

loving the check pattern on the Featherston chair.

Photo: My new obsession is this cockatoo lamp, complete with one of our Curio & Curio 'London electric zig zag' lamp shades. She has pride of place in my living room. These lamps will be available through our pop up shop and some selected stockists. (Pink 'Heart' cushion and teal Small Spot cushion by Curio & Curio too). Thanks Lisa Cohen, for this taking this lovely image....Enjoy xxx

Curio and Curio as seen in Real Living Magazine

Hand painted ceramic cockatoo lamp with hand printed linen shade

Oh and if anyone happens to have one destined for the junk pile, I definitely know a Melbourne couple ready and waiting to adopt their unwanted birdie ;-)!!!.


  1. Me too, on the Featherston.
    I love a bit of cockatoo Australiana as well. We've got a Wembley Ware vase (vintage West Australian) and a set of Bonnie and Neil placemats, but no lamps. Sniff. I'll put my name down on the adoption waiting list after yours!

    1. Hi Kylie,

      I love Wembley Ware, my brother in law had a wonderful collection of Wembley which he sold just a few years ago... the cockatoo vase would be a beauty to own, you are so lucky, a great item... will totally add you to the adoption list.
      P.S I think we both need a check pattern Featherston, let's add that to the list as well!!.
      :) Tina


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