Saturday, 13 October 2012

Vintage Finds - Thrifting Time Again

Thought I'd share a few vintage finds today
Last week I came across this small mannequin in a local thrift store and had to buy it. It is such an unusual little item and was all of $2.
I purchased this vintage budgerigar figurine on Ebay for $8 and had it sent from the U.S. At the time I was on the hunt for a larger vintage yellow crested cockatoo figurine and settled on this sweet little item instead.

I found this item at a garage sale in Kew for $2, at the time I had no idea what it was but I liked the jewel like lozenges on the stand and the marble base so I just bought it. I later discovered it was a lamp base and will have it wired and put to use very soon.

Another Ebay purchase this fabric Keep Calm & Carry On sign was sent from the UK and was produced by the book store that discovered the original 1939 wartime poster. A bargain at 3 pounds.

I don't often buy vintage fabric but I had to have this fat quarter of geometric seersucker. 

Speaking of vintage yellow crested cockatoos - Perch New Orleans has this one.
Loving the Eiffel light too! What a great image.

Happy hunting!


  1. Great finds, the mannequin is my fav, I would of pounced on that in a second! Now you need a great hat and necklace to dress her up! :)

    1. Hi Pippa,

      It's is funny you mention accessories, when I was buying this item there was mention of a lost hat and wig!. Will need to keep my eyes out, I could see an aqua feathered pill box working here...

      Love that you love her! Just found the thrift collective - loving as well!.


  2. Wonderful finds. Love them all, most especially that lovely long necked manniquin. That print on your f.q. is beautiful. I've got a Keep Calm too, mine's a tea towel I had framed. I bought it in Melb from the art gallery when they had the big British exhibition on. Gosh, probably five years ago now. I know it's been done to death, but I still really like it. The lamp base is a stunner.

    1. Hey Kylie,

      I was inspired to post the Keep Calm sign by your stunning living room shot.. I do hear you when you say they have been done and done but I love these signs too and display mine with pride ;).
      P.S your daughter is so beautiful, great vintage dress!

  3. hi your budgies....i had two blue budgies growing up named mr & mrs perky....ahh memories!. I love the keep calms as well.....hey i loved the frankie says ones from the 80`s a sucker for bold type.....look forward to seeing that red jewelled baby all lit up!
    hope your having a good weekend.

    1. Hi Allison,
      Mr and Mrs Perky = c.u.t.e! Thanks for your lovely comments, hope to get around to wiring the lamp soon - I was thinking of our conversation about red when I posted these items OMG there is a lot of red there so I'm clearly a slow learner!!!... still love a flash of red though.
      Bunnings day today, gosh I love that place... DIY craft bits and pieces in motion.

      Have a lovely Saturday hope it's sunny and warm!.



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