Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Tote Mumbai - Where Plantation Style Meets Danish Deluxe!!

My husband and I visited India in 2006 for about a month. From that visit we knew we would return again and The Tote, Mumbai will definitely be on my must see list. With a nod to Danish style and some amazing steel beam plantation style tree sculptures throughout, this resturant/bar set within the grounds of the Mumbai Racecourse, is one to see.

From unused colonial buildings Serie architects have transformed these spaces into contemporary stylish spaces capturing the essence of modern India - I am there!.

2010 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards | The Tote in India by Serie Architects - I need to go here!

A few cocktails would be just the ticket while gazing out into the garden setting




  1. Oh, this place is awesome! Actually, I remember seeing it on Google some years back, when I was looking up The Tote in Melbourne, before my first time there. ... Just a bit different!!

    Anyway, I'm sure it will be wonderful to visit when you get back there.

    (Also, hey-- it's Steph from the shop here. Great blog!)

    1. Hey Steph,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and for your lovely comment - yeah just a slight difference between The Tote Collingwood and this one - no shoes sticking to the liquor stained floor here!!!. Glad you found me ;-).
      See you next week!.

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  3. I'm hoping for and eagerly awaiting your Christmas edition... :)

    1. Glad the like this post x... Christmas edition hmmm great idea, will get to work on it!
      x Tina


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