Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Vintage Garden Stool Make Over - DIY High Gloss White Wash

Do you ever get bored with your interior style? You know when you look around your home and think you want to turf it all and start again - I do and Pinterest is no help, teasing me with amazing images day after day.

Sadly I don't have an endless budget nor enough storage space to house a variety of furniture items to change around at will. So to get my fix rather than buying more I find changing the colour of my existing items fixes my fancy!. The victims this week were my vintage garden stools, each receiving a coat of deep gloss white paint.... the result was exactly what I was after, something fresh and airy to kick off spring!.

Thinking I am going to paint my metal letterpress cabinet white as well ... I like the look of rustic matte white painted surfaces mixed with aged wood ... currently I'm trying convince my husband that we should paint our vintage industrial TV cabinet as well - it's red and large, the room is not and I'm not sure how I feel about red feature items at the moment??? I love a touch of red but this red really takes over!!!!

Ideally I would love an unusual Danish credenza, something really tricky with some lattice like decoration on the front of the drawers but the beauty of our current cabinet is that is holds everything and anything the storage benefits are endless.


see what I mean? It is a lot of red!

so while I dream of a new cabinet here is my white wash garden stool make over

I did love the retro colours here but I just had to have a change... the varnished colours are still intact underneath should I need to strip them back to their former green mustard tones.

I painted two coats of deep gloss on one stool and one coat on the other as it started to crack a bit even after 48 hours drying time between coats. All up the stools took 4 days to dry.

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  1. Your stools look fab. At first when I saw them in their original state, I thought, No way, she can't paint over those! But after seeing them freshly white-washed, I think they look awesome.(I have a very similar little vintage glass and iron half table btw, although the iron leggy bits of mine are gold)
    I love your red cupboard. I can kind-of see what you mean about it taking over, but do you really need to paint it? (is red its original colour?) What colour would you go for?

    1. Hi Kylie,

      I totally get what you are saying, I know it's totally wrong to re paint vintage bits and pieces especially when they are great retro colours to begin with... the stools did look great and I have painted them so that I can peel it off should I want to embrace the mustard and emerald original scheme once again. I'm glad you like the look of the white wash - it has really highlighted the stools moulded features. Your gold legged half table sounds so cool!! this one was a hand me down from my Aunt.
      Red is the original colour of the cabinet and when we found it in an industrial warehouse I thought we'd struck gold! Maybe I should shelve the re paint idea then, was thinking of white washing again, I think if it were lower to the ground I wouldn't bother hmmm... you've made me think about it twice which is a good thing, maybe I'll just paint the letterpress cabinet and leave the tv unit then. Thanks so much for your helpful thoughts! :-)

  2. The stools look great!....I know what you mean about the red cabinet....I had a red couch for a few yrs and just got to the point where I couldn't stand the colour....shame I couldn't paint it. I sold it....but then bought red dining chairs?....yep I'm a slow learner.....but just recently had a lucky find at Salvos, problem solved.
    I say paint it!! Yellows my colour of choice at the moment or much like the colours you just covered on the stools....see I'm no help at all!
    Allison ;)

    1. Hi Allison,
      Thanks for your hilarious comment :-)!!. I am loving yellow too at the moment ... so hard to decide, would love a salvo's find to solve my decorating dilemma!. I have no idea why I stopped loving red, I though it was the bees knees not so long ago...
      Loving that Deco bon bon tin you posted recently - stunning!.
      Thanks for stopping by

  3. Those stools look fantastic - and what a great idea painting it in a way that you can take it off if you want to!

    I'm one of those painters, so I say if you want to paint it do it!! What's better - making a great piece of furniture fit or selling / donating it? If it wasn't an expensive piece, maybe you could add detail to the front... I saw somewhere (probably pinterest) where you could buy moulding type stuff to the front of doors / drawers. Maybe something like that would work...

    Found you via Sandi Coast Home. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Catherine,
      Love your stools too and thank you for finding me via Scandi Coastal!. I am loving your moulding detail idea and will head to Pinterest for the visuals... I toyed with the idea of a stencilling the front drawers with a vintage trellis or lattice pattern something with a mid century feel giving a painted wallpaper effect and breaking up the red. Reinventing things with a lick of paint is such as great feeling, you are so right!. Looking forward to reading your blog!.

      Thanks again Tina

  4. Hi Tina,
    I love these stools. They're amazing!!!
    I love them painted white......
    Your house looks lovely too ;O)
    Tania xx

    1. Hi Tania,

      Thank you so much for your linking party - love it such a great idea! I am so chuffed you like the look of my home and the stools. Thanks to Pippa (Ouchflower) I am now reading your blog and I totally love it, your style is so fresh and inspiring!. I have a makeover inspired by your blue/ white Bamileke Headdress which I hope to link Saturday after next.
      xx Tina

  5. Just came across your stool makeover on Tania's linky party and had to come for a closer look. Love them, they look great! It's amazing what a coat or two of paint can do isn't it?


    1. Hi Natalie,

      So true a coat of paint can totally transform something from average to amazing. What would we DIY-ers do without the Bunnings paint department, where would we be!!.

      Love your blog, your Chevron sheets are stunning. I'm also European pillowcase mad and I feel I really need these!.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment
      :) Tina


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