Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Le Marais Paris - a delightful shopping experience vintage flea market and all!

In 2010 my husband and I packed our bags and went overseas. It was a spur of the moment thing within two weeks we decided to leave, booked the tickets and were London, Paris and Rome bound!. We had an absolute ball, cold snap and all, the weather ranged from 0-5 degrees, snowing during the day, freezing temps at night... in fact we would place a tub of yoghurt on the hotel balcony over night and it would be perfectly chilled and ready for breakfast on the go in the morning!.

Our Paris experience was of course wonderful... yes it was a very beautiful and romantic city but that is selling it short, it is much more... the cultural diversity, the gritty street life and the dedication to style were also stand out features for myself.

Le Marais should be on the to do list for everyone... its shopping heaven, falafel heaven and a direct window into cosmopolitan Paris!.

This was our accomodation in Paris - Hotel Gabrielle, Marais... I think the actual location of this Hotel is Republique or perhaps it's on the outer border of the Marais. We would walk down Rue Du Temple into the centre of the city each day which was lovely. 

Marche aux Puces - flea market Rue du Temple - I think it may be called Bretagne flea market 
This is where I purchased the vintage 'S' as featured in some of my posts... vintage shopping street side Paris - can you get any better!.

Still regret not buying any of these woodblocks!

Vintage Eames Chairs - love it!

Vintage industrial bar stools

L'As Du Falafel Line

Falafel mmm! This is considered the Chanel of the Parisian falafel eateries! 


  1. Lovely pics!! My husband and I will be travelling to Paris from the 25th to the 30th of this month and we are definitely making a stop at Le Marais to chk out the flea markets. My husband loves falafel, thank you so much for letting me know that they serve great falafel there!! Can we bargain here too? I have a blog myself, though it deals with cooking. Please do chk it out and let me know ure thoughts! I am a follower now!!


    1. Hey Neets,
      Lovely to meet you in blog land!... Hope you have a wonderful time in Paris, I am sure you will and I hope the flea market will be on when you go, I know the one I showed here is only on in Nov/ December but there is bound to be one on while you visit...might be worth checking out some sites for the flea market calenders/ dates just in case and I didn't really bargain but I would think a bit of negotiating is definitely expected at any flea market (I sadly don't speak French so naturally that made it tricky to bargain anyway). Oh and Las Du Falafel is an eat outside affair street food style and I think it is closed on the weekend, or just Saturdays?? anyway hope you find it well and I'm sure your will adore Laduree!!!. :) Thanks for following and will check your blog out too.


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