Friday, 5 October 2012

Pajaki Polish Paper Chandeliers - my holiday have to make craft DIY party house decoration!

Between Pajaki Chandeliers and the Bamileke Headdress I'm certainly extending my home decor vocab at the moment!.

I stumbled across these amazing Polish paper chandeliers on pinterest yesterday. Pajaki Chandeliers are made to brighten the homes in and surrounding Lowicz. Finger on the pulse crafter's have been loving these babies for years.... I'm a bit slow on the uptake!

This is exactly the kind of decoration I was looking for and with the festive season only weeks away I can't wait to make a few. Thinking it will be great for our Christmas cocktail party hanging outside from fishing line - hoping Melbourne's weather will be hot and sunny!.

Just ordered my tissue paper on Ebay... as soon as it arrives I'm going to Pajaki like it's 1999!. Will post a tutorial when complete. Here are some amazing examples I am loving....

P.S I'm going to cheat a little and make tissue pom pom flowers - they are easy and I can whip out a few in a short time (see my tissue pom pom vines post, located under the DIY tab, for a quick tutorial).


polish chandelier?  i love paper crafts and i think i need one of these hanging in my living room!
Oh Happy Day via Pinterest - also LOVING the paper fan style garland here


  1. They are beautiful, looking forward to your tute, in the meantime I'll check out your pom pom flower link and get started.

    The festive season isn't weeks away, is it?

    1. Hope you found the pom pom flower link and had some fun! Found Ouch Flower - thank you, love this blog too. The pajaki tutorial will be uploaded week after next.

      I love the Christmas lead up so in my head we are just weeks away but in reality there are many weeks to go ;-)... 2012 has flown though!!.


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