Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Happy Halloween - easy DIY decorating craft ideas

Ok so Halloween is approaching and while the celebration of this ancient holiday is just finding its feet in Australia it is widely celebrated the world around. For some cultures it's a time to remember departed loved ones and for others it's a great way to celebrate the start of winter and the festive season to come. In fact according to Pagan Celtic tradition Halloween, celebrated the night before New Year (Nov 1 in the Pagan calender) was a night where the living and the dead (good and bad) mingled amongst one another before the onset of the harsh cold winter.

When I was little Halloween was seldom mentioned in Melbourne but just last week I received a (will your door be open to trick or treaters) note in the mail ensuring that the little ones in our street are warmly welcomed when they come knocking....  so if you are having a celebration I have found some simple craft projects to enhance your theme.

Enjoy xx

Hang treat bags filled with lollies from the branch of a tree sprayed black and placed in a pot.

Drape your mantle piece in grey tulle or spider web floss (usually available at craft & party stores)
Gather any black (reproduction or vintage) items and group candles etc...

Spider Jar Lanterns ... take an old jar place an LED Tea light, I repeat LED battery operated Tea light in he centre stuff with tissues or faux spider web floss and place a plastic spider on top!!

DIY Halloween decoration - Creepy Punch Bowl - rinse new rubber surgical glove with water, fill with water, tightly close with twist tie, freeze solid, mix 2 qts apple juice, 2 qts cranberry juice, 2 ltr ginger ale in large punch bowl, cut glove carefully off of hand and fingers with sharp scissors and float molded hand in punch.
Take a rubber glove (wash it thoroughly) fill with water fasten the top and freeze then pop into a fruit punch for a scary surprise!.

DIY Chevron Pumpkins
DIY painted chevron pumpkins - celebrate in style!
Cupcake Liner Witch Hat
Fold a cupcake liner into a witch hat!

Missoni inspired Pumpkin

ghost dresses as outdoor Halloween decor. pretty sweet.
Chicken wire 'ghost dresses' mould the wire into shape and voila!

Halloween punch bowl
Pumpkin ice bucket

apple smiles
Toothy Apple Snack


  1. I love the pumpkin cooler - what a fun idea!

    1. Hey Rachel,

      Thanks so much for your comment, Martha knows all - I really love the cooler too!... enjoy the lead up to Halloween... looking forward to reading your blogs.
      :) Tina

  2. I love the ghost dresses, and the fact that you received that note in the mail Tina - you must live on a lovely street...

    1. Hey Kylie,
      The ghost dresses are amazing, people are so clever! I thought the note in the mail was lovely too, my sister lives a few minutes away and her street has girls night out once a year which is highly involved but such a nice gesture as well... enjoy Halloween! xx Tina

  3. I LOVE those chevron pumpkins! What a great idea!! Hey, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! I really love the interaction. Your blog is wonderful! I'm off to have a look around! Nice to "meet" you!


    Go Mumma:: http://www.gomumma.blogspot.com

    1. Hey Ash,
      The Pumpkins are ace some people are so creative...Thanks so much for the compliment, I'm so chuffed you like what you see and it was a pleasure finding your blog today - love it!. Feel free to stop by anytime - great to "meet" you too!.
      x Tina


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