Wednesday, 15 August 2012

DIY Offset Stripe Painted Rug - Kilim Inspired

This was one of those truly satisfying DIY craft projects. I wanted a rug for our living room... something that would lift the space adding dimension and detail. I also wanted something under $100 and this project came in at $80 which was perfect!!!.

Having poured over a number of Chevron striped rugs, I decided to break with tradition and paint an offset stripe pattern inspired by Kilim rugs and the amazing Madeline Weinrib black and white Buche rug that adorns Nate Berkus' apartment floor as shown below.

Elle Decor - Nate Berkus - LOVE!

Nate Berkus' Apartment - Vintage Movement via Pinterest

and here it is my version...

It's not as classic and sophisticated as Weinrib's version but it really works in our small space and I was thrilled with the result!

Here is my how to...

Shopping List
1x Ikea Erslev Rug ( I used the 140cm x 200cm size)
1x Scotch Green Masking Take (1.4inches x 60.1 yards)
1 x piece of chalk
1 x long 1 metre ruler or Yard Stick
1x pot of textile medium (250mls)
1x 500ml pot of paint in your chosen colour 

You can use up to 1 litre of paint for this project. I managed to use 500mls mixed with 250mls of textile medium but that was cutting it fine towards the end. The textile medium is mixed at a 2:1 ratio (paint to medium) this allows the paint to soften and blend with the cotton rug rather than having the paint dry hard.


and this is why!!!

Make sure you fill in any missed spots to ensure your stripes are bold and defined

Sit back and enjoy your work!!!


  1. that is great, im so doing this!

    1. Thanks Shannon... I'd love to see your version, will have to keep an eye out!.


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