Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Re-purposing Vintage Jewellery, Brooches & Earrings into Magnets- The DIY Way!

I love this DIY craft project because it makes good use of retired vintage earrings and brooches making them new and functional again. Thrift and charity stores are a great places to find inexpensive vintage jewellery that you can transform into beautiful magnets for fridge or message boards.

A great gift idea for mother's day, Christmas (for placing inside crackers or bon bons), kitchen tea, wedding favours or as a house warming gift.... these magnets will delight anyone!. The sky is the limit here, you can choose old buttons or the bling-ie-est crystal earrings you can find, creating a set of one off magnets, that will make you smile from ear to ear!.
and here's the pictorial 'how to' thanks to curbly 
created at: 01/17/2011


created at: 01/17/2011

Ok, so you will need -

1.Small Magnets ( you can usually purchase these at craft or variety stores) if you can't find blank magnets you can also buy small cheap magnets and break them apart keeping the actual magnet component. If you have any old magnet lying around cutting them to size using strong cutters may also be an idea (please be careful doing this be sure to use protective gloves and eyewear etc).
2. Hot Glue Gun
3. Vintage earrings/brooches/buttons etc.

Pull the backing off the earring of brooch using pliers, place a dot of glue and affix the magnet back and voila!

Hope & Joy

As shown in the first image above (hope&joy) you can make your own vintage message board by painting a metal tray and drilling a hole through for hanging then using ribbon or chain simply hang the tray on the wall and use your vintage jewellery magnets to post your notes - brilliant!!!  

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