Thursday, 17 May 2012

For The Love of Banksy - Street Art Strike Out Melbourne

When Banksy, the world renowned British Street Artist, visited Melbourne in 2003 he left his mark with a number of iconic stencils randomly placed around Melbourne's famous laneways.

Sadly, as of this week, three of Banksy's works have been destroyed in acts of negligence and disregard. In 2010 the council mistakenly painted over the parachuting rat (above) located in one of Melbourne's famed street art spaces - Hosier Lane. In August of last year Banksy's gorgeous little diver had paint poured under the protective perspex placed around the work for preservation purposes and finally, just days ago, another parachuting rat met its fate with plumbing works placed right through the artwork.

It's a shame, whether you like this form of art or not, Banksy is the world's foremost street artist, his works are significant and important... he makes you reflect on your choices as a person and as a society, just yesterday a suspected Banksy appeared on a London Street possibly commenting on consumerism, overspending and sweatshops.... he is the epitome of the modern, contemporary artist and we are lucky to have his artworks on display in public spaces for all to enjoy here in Melbourne.... hopefully we won't see the destruction of any more of his works in the future.


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