Friday, 18 May 2012

Vintage Baby Doll - The 50's Toy Equivalent of Baby Alive!

Vintage Toy Box Lid

circa 40's-50's Child's Toy

The complete toy kit consists of two small dolls one with clothes, literally glued on, and the other ready for bath time!. There's a small plastic feeding bottle, enamel bath tub and a larger milk glass bottle together with a bottle brush (no idea what this is for).

Love the Obi style sash and printed outfit - so cute.

When you're vintage hunting you will often come across random bits and pieces you have to buy even if you have no idea what you are going to do with them!. This circa 40's vintage doll set was one such purchase... too cute to pass but totally useless.

I love the colours and details from the artwork on the box lid to the dolls clothes and the pink and candy striped box insert. I'm thinking this was used as a doll house accessory kit as the dolls are about 5cm tall and the entire kit no more than 20cm x 8cm.

A bit of vintage fun!

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