Friday, 4 May 2012

Cupcakes - The centuries old worldwide obsession

Amy Atlas via

Amy Atlas

Martha Stewart

Cupcake Cookie - Rumbles Bakery

Yesterday my sister visited while I was babysitting my gorgeous nephew Lenny, with her she brought the cupcake cookie above. It got me thinking about our fascination with cupcakes and the number of fortunes won by resurrecting this simple little cake and marketing it to the masses.

In 1796 the notion of a cake baked in small cups was featured in a cookbook titled American Cookery, so it is clear to see that this humble little vintage treat is steeped in gastronomic history!. Originally baked in mugs, cups and ramekins hence the name, cupcakes are available on just about every street corner today.

 So its seems everyone loves a Cupcake and we have done so for centuries. I love Amy Atlas (featured above), her cupcakes and desserts are works of art!.

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