Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Art of Display - How To Group and Display Your Vintage Homewares Collection

Here are some great display ideas for your vintage collectables. As your collection grows and diversifies it can be difficult to display your favourite items around the home without looking like a hotchpotch mess, hopefully the following images will give you some great ideas to combat your vintage decorating dilemmas!  

Use a Glass Cloche to highlight and group collectables and above install floating shelves to house and highlight similar items - easy to install and look great anywhere. 

Colour blocked Vintage Milk Glass Collection. Group items of the same colour and display together on a shelf or table top. This collection by Lyn Garnder (Empire Vintage) is housed on very the top shelf in her kitchen, this is so often an unused storage/ display space, not any more!


Apartment Therapy - Brilliant! 
Two in one, displaying vintage photo's and bottle collection all in one... a mantel is the BEST place for displaying collectables, but make sure it's balanced.

Talented Artist David Sequeira - Collection 2 Detail. Grouping items by colour tone following the rainbow spectrum. 

Creating interesting shelving to house collectables, these were made using wooden wine boxes, can double as a bookshelf and display unit - fantastic! 

Real Living Magazine

Creating a small vignette using side tables, elevating and highlighting items by placing on top of a stack of books works well. 

Utilising the top shelf in the kitchen and grouping vintage items by colour.

See right Chinoiserie and other blue items grouped by colour and pattern

Happy Decorating!

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