Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Craft Time - DIY Flying Ducks and Vintage Inspired Lattice Artwork

Sometimes you just want to roll up your sleeves and get creative without having to think dollars, well I do anyway. 
Influenced by the recycling of cardboard in home wares and art I thought I'd make some pretty vintage inspired flying duck wall decorations for my home.

This would also make a great accent in a child's room and gives a  bit of a vintage nordic vibe to your space.

All you need to do is find some scrap cardboard trace two larger duck silhouettes and one smaller, transfer the outline to your cardboard scrap, cut around and your done!.

You could easily jazz the whole thing up by using foam core and some vintage inspired paper and creating a patterned set of flying ducks... would look great in the kitchen and is renter friendly just use an adhesive that's removable without marking the walls.   

Felt Co - Stunning!

Cardboard Safari  - Cardboard Animal Trophy

 Basic Lattice Artwork

The lattice artwork was the second part of my budget friendly vintage crafting day!. I really needed something to fill the wall near my egg chair and wanted to incorporate some pattern, so I created this lattice effect artwork using bits and pieces I had lying around.

This is a great task for someone who wants to create their own art but can't draw... it's so easy!. You simply use thick tape (I used cloth tape) a canvas and paint. I didn't measure out my design hence its wonky and naive but next time I will... thinking of painting a matt with a chevron herringbone pattern.. something like this 


Amazing work by Aesthetic Outburst

Here is a similar technique used to paint an entrance hall by Jennifer - Fric Frac Shop and the tools of the trade needed to complete the work.

Jennifer via Design Sponge - LOVE the owl vase in the corner!

Honey Comb events have posted a great lattice how to here

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