Thursday, 19 April 2012

The hunt is over! Vintage Ceramic Garden Stools

I have been looking and looking and looking for a pair of ceramic garden stools... I love how versatile they are from a garden seat to an end or lamp table, they do it all!. I also love that they add great texture to a room.
Ideally I was looking for a metallic pair or a cool blue and white pair (chinoiserie style) but I also wanted a bargain so the $350 pairs available on every corner just didn't fit the bill. 
To my delight these babies presented themselves in Feb this year and were a bargain at $40 for the pair.
Considered spraying them white... but the tan and green grew on me so they will stay as is creating more of a retro look.

Traditionally known as Conservatory Stools these ceramic beauties were often used in Victorian Sunroom's or Conservatories and going back even further to their region of origin these stools were once used in Asia to fragrance clothing by placing a burning scent (perhaps like incense) under the stool and allowing the vapour to permeate through the ventilation holes at the top of the stool.  

Image Boston Herald

I'll have one of each thanks!!!.... loving the wall sconce #5 and the foo dogs #2

Hmmmm Turquoise Foo Dogs, yes, my next vintage purchase awaits!.

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