Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Industrial Revolution - Vintage Indian Club and Shoe Lasts

My husband LOVES American Pickers, it's the whole "man-tique" thing coupled with his new found love and appreciation for vintage bits and pieces - when we met he begrudged popping into an Opp Shop aka Thrift Store but since I've been buying and selling Australian Art and given that Mum is an Antique Dealer, he's found an incredible affection for all things vintage. 

I love any vintage bit or piece be it Shabby Chic, French Provincial, Retro you name it and together we've developed a love for Industrial Vintage - anything that may have been once used in a warehouse, workshop,  tram or train station, factory or in the case of the Indian Club above a Gym.

This was our Easter present from Mum and Dad. Mum bought this circa 20's/30's item, which was once used for exercise, by chance at a local Opp Shop in Mont Albert... she had no idea what it was but she knew she liked it and having seen a similar item on American Pickers I knew exactly what it was and had been hunting around for one - so great when the universe presents a vintage gem like this!.   

Also in the picture above - vintage shoe lasts (Trash and Treasure $15), Vintage Ladder (Warehouse Braeside $45). 

Vintage Club/ Juggling Pin Examples

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