Saturday, 17 May 2014

DIY Polka Dot Painted Pot

A few weeks ago, while shopping at my local craft store, I stumbled across a stippling sponge set. It was about $7 and has paid for itself ten fold!. I've been polka dotting everything from canvases to pot plants and this simple DIY demonstrates how to revamp a tired old or ugly pot into a super cute window sill feature.

DIY Painted Pot
*For outdoor use you will need to use outdoor paint to ensure your work is weatherproof.

You will need:
Drop sheet/ garbage bag to protect the floor from paint spills
Stippling sponge set (available at craft stores) or a sponge cut to shape
Paint in two different colours
Paint brush

1. Start by painting your pot/s with your base colour and leave to dry then paint a second coat. Make sure to paint the inner rim of the pot to a level that will meet the soil - about two inches down.
2. When the second coat dries take your second colour and pour a small amount onto a dish then dip the sponge in the paint and press against the pot.
3. To create the polka dot pattern you want to place your dots at even intervals starting at the top of the pot and working your way down in vertical rows.
4. Leave to dry



  1. The dots are so cute and a nice pop of colour too! Great project :)

    1. Thank you dearly Michelle. Thrilled you like them! :) Tina


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