Thursday, 2 January 2014

Super Thrifty DIY Flower Mural Wall Art

Here is a simple, thrifty and quick way to add some whimsy to your walls using those inexpensive faux flowers, we once thought were destined for nothing more then landfill!. My lovely niece introduced me to the super kitsch resurrection of faux flowers last year and while you won't find me wearing a floral crown (even though I think they are super cute) you will find the occasional pops of "floral faux-ness" in and around my home.

This mini mural requires only 10 minutes of your time, two bunches of flowers and some Blu Tack

1.If your flowers are bunched simply cut them loose using wire cutters or heavy duty scissors
2. Place Blue Tack under the bulb
3. Arrange on your wall in verticle stripes


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