Saturday, 11 January 2014

Simple Tiramisu Inspired Cupcakes

I had coffee and cake on the mind last week and decided to kill two birds by baking a round of vanilla sponge cupcakes and then added a bit of tiramsu inspired goodness for a tasty and simple twist.

You will need:
cupcakes (vanilla preferably but chocolate would also work)
coffee syrup - 1-2 tbs coffee granules, 200 mls boiling water, 2 tsp sugar (optional) mixed
clotted cream or mascarpone
cocoa for sprinkling

Dip each cupcake in coffee syrup to the half way mark. Dollop with cream or mascarpone and sprinkle with cocoa (see images included).


  1. Oh how lovely. I was just looking for an easy Tiramisu the other day and here is an easy alternative.

    1. Hi Janine,
      Thank you for visiting :). Hope you enjoy this recipe, thrilled you like it. x Tina

  2. Oh what a wonderful easy alternative. I will give it a try, looks yum.


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