Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Let There Be Light - VELUX And My Renovation Wish List!

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There is no getting around it we've all gone reno, DIY, attic room and construction mad!. I can barely leave my street without stumbling over a cement truck or pallets of tiles on the nature strip and I love it and hate it at the same time. I love the idea of knocking out walls, tastefully extending homes, building new kitchens and opening up living spaces but I hate that I can't join the renovation/revamp crew as yet but there is hope I will one day!. In the mean time I have my list of dream suppliers, contractors and advisers... Obviously Grand Design's Kevin McCloud is at the top of that list (one can only dream!!).  

I love period architecture, having grown up in both Edwardian and Art Deco homes, and would love to live in and own a home of this era. The first thing on my period home "dream renovation list" would be to open up the rooms and let light in. When my sister renovated her Deco Bungalow some years ago, she knocked out a couple of walls and added a pair of french doors and the entire space was transformed into a light and airy hub. Natural light is so important in a living space - it's refreshing, calming, evokes happiness and promotes creativity all round!. I used to think renovating stopped at knocking down walls, painting, ripping up carpet and decorating but adding windows and glass panels can completely transform a space no matter how big or small.

With that in mind I'm loving the high quality range of roof solutions and window fittings by the world leading designer group VELUX®. The pinterest worthy images below are just some of the wonderful installations they offer including Roof Windows, Skylights, Tailor Made Blinds and Shutters, Home Automation Systems, Solar Panels and Sun Tunnels. Most definitely on my future renovation wishlist, The VELUX system can transform a dark attic or roof space into a light filled energy efficient loft worthy of inner city Manhattan!. No matter the type of roof be it high and pitched, low pitched or just plain flat VELUX seem to have an efficient solution for opening up a space, letting in light and a snap shot of the surrounding skyline. I really like the idea of positioning windows so they frame the surrounding environment creating living, evolving, natural works of art and the VELUX system allows you to create and maintain this at the touch of a button.  

VELUX - here via pinterest

I'm also loving VELUX commitment to sustainable living with high tech window glazing that not only reduces outside noise but blocks both heat and/or cold. Their Solar Panels alone are capable of supplying up to 60% of a households water heating needs. These guys are true market leaders in all things "natural light" and have collaborated with a number of world leading architectural firms creating to the minute sustainable living on a grand scale. In their continued commitment to sustainable carbon neutral living VELUX have devised a product life cycle assessment that evaluates their products from the manufacturing process and beyond more impressively "All the energy consumed in a VELUX roof window’s lifecycle is balanced out and even exceeded by the energy gained in the heating season during its use."

velux cati kati teras balkonu13
VELUX pinterest

These guys are certainly on my go-to list of suppliers and there are three Australian based VELUX showrooms for when that time finally comes - YAY!.


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