Sunday, 24 February 2013

You Make Me Wanna Soup!

Isn't veggie soup the best? I could eat it everyday, regardless of the season, and love that is makes delicious bulk meal while making use of all of those bottom of the fridge veggies in need of cooking.

As part of my new years resolution I've started eating organic vegetables and fruits, so each week our lovely box of seasonal produce arrives, on our doorstep, ready for the eating!.

Ok, so this pic may not look that inviting, but believe me it tastes yummy!

When I make soup I like to sautee onions, leeks and garlic in cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, then add legumes ie. lentils & beans (no salt at this point as the legumes will not soften). I don't eat many starchy veggies so at this point I then just fill with water and add my cut veggies and simmer for an hour at minimum then salt to taste and enjoy with crusty bread or simply on its own!.

and for the very occasional lil bit of something naughty - Mum's home made puris - pu-what, I hear you say! Puris are fried Indian flat breads along the Naan, Paratha line.... yummy for dipping!. 



  1. yum.. thanks for inspiring me to make soup!
    it must be fantastic to get home delivered organic produce.

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      So glad you are a fellow soup lover, isn't it the best!:-). I'm really loving the organic delivery, I'd forgotten what good peaches and tomatoes tasted like and not having to worry about sprays and things like that is so great. xx Tina

  2. I'm loving the puris, I will get my Anglo Indian mother onto it! :)

  3. Hey Pippa,
    I'm Anglo Indian too!! Bet your Mum makes wonderful food - yum... I really need to learn how to make good Indian food though, my hubby makes better curries than I do and I need to change that, but for now my Mum and Aunties food will suit me just fine!.
    xx Tina

  4. Ah love making my own naan/ roti bread... it is sooooo good and minus all the long life chemicals. I too avoid the starches! Your soup looks delish and is making me very hungry in this rainy weather. Yum!

    1. Rach you are a woman after my own heart, I have to start making my own Naan, I've made paratha but never fluffy Naan, no doubt yours is yummy - home made is always the best isn't it!. So glad you like the soup pic, wasn't sure if it would look yum to anyone else... I decided to eliminate most starches about 7 months ago and now I almost wonder why I bothered with them in the first place!. xx Tina :)


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