Saturday, 23 February 2013

DIY Glass Terrarium - Candy Jar Succulent Fun!

Here's a simple way to bring the outdoors in with a fuss free three step candy jar glass terrarium. All you need is a lidded glass jar, potting mix and the succulent of your choice. I used the Echeveria Glauca, a simple fuss free plant that will reproduce and grow under the most hostile of conditions.

Once you've placed the roots into your soil add 4 tablespoons of water... continue to water lightly as needed 

so simple and will save you buying fresh cut flowers


  1. This is why I love succulents - just stick em in some dirt and they grow, grow, grow! They last forever in a vase with a little bit of water too. Who needs flowers? Echeverias look like beautiful flowers anyway...
    (although I do love real flowers too) x

    1. So true Kylie, I'm with you all the way, they are the best!. xx Tina

  2. How good does that look?
    I love it......
    Tania xx

    1. Thanks so much Tania, so glad you like it xx Tina

  3. Fantastic idea and it looks amazing! So doing this :)
    Cas x


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