Friday, 15 February 2013

To Mimco Or Not To Mimco??

I've been a major Mimco fan for years and years... when I worked at an accessories agency many moons ago my boss gave me a cute clutch for Christmas and I was hooked. Adam's been known to purchase the odd Mimco accessory for me and it has always gone down a treat, the leather is buttery, the findings are solid and the zip closures are like silk (nothing worse then a rough zip!). 

However for a while there I lost faith, we broke up, I was no longer hooked!. I found their range lacked something, no longer did I swoon, save my pennies or get that must have feeling... I'm still trying to work out my relationship with the jewellery, we were great friends, now not so much but I can say I think I've fallen again, for the bags anyway, and here are some of my current likes... I must admit I actually have the wallet and one of the bags listed below, so all is not lost ;-).

Do you have a handbag label you love and can recommend with a bit of a Mimco aesthetic but perhaps without the price tag, if I can be so cheeky!!! 



  1. I have a bout 3 mimco bags I bought second hand on e-bay, all were under $100 and in beautiful condition(incuding a pouche) and this week I found an oroton "royal" for $ 149 with tags(rrp495)and 2 witchery bags (second hand)which is probably my favourite label. Naturally I go through all the op-shops when I visit,and found a $300 Witchery for 9.99!

  2. Under $100 on ebay? Wow, Meg that is brilliant value... Sounds like you have a gorgeous collection of handbags, I really need to hunt around op-shops for branded bags, I never do... I can see why you love witchery bags (I do too!) think Mimco's under their control and I also think they've all just been bought by Country Road so it will be interesting to see the developments there!.
    Have a great weekend
    xx Tina

  3. how many handbags does one girl nee!!??....haha gotcha as many as she damn well pleases!!
    Allison x

    1. Totally Allison, with you all the way! xx Tina
      P.S Have a great weekend :-)


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