Thursday, 14 February 2013

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Pins

Ekaterina Koroleva
a few of our favorite things... flora and sequins  Photography by, Florals by

a danish family home by the style files, via Flickr

visual impact
sequin elbow patches

Industrial vintage

Original Art: Cozamia on AphroChic Blog

Ouch Flower tassels
Handmade Macrame Tassels by Ouchflower 
pinned here


Happy Valentine's Day to all. xoxo

here's my home made sweet heart meringues - thinking I'll sandwich the two between layers of whipped cream and raspberries


  1. You have such great taste! I'm coming to follow you on Pinterest now :)
    Cas x

    1. Oh thanks so much Cas, thrilled for that lovely compliment :)... have to follow you back, will be getting onto it when I return this afternoon. Thanks for the follow, I'm certainly going to find you on twitter as well that's for sure. xx Tina


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