Saturday, 10 November 2012

Vintage Thrifty Saturdays - ornaments a plenty!

A very happy weekend to you all!

I had a fun week of thrifting and found a couple vintage ornaments to add to the collection. 

This horsey ashtray was all of $5 at trash n treasure... I can't say I love the ashtray side of things but I couldn't say no to the gold paintwork.

old honey tin $3 thrift store Melbourne

 old padlocks, a gift from Mum.

Ceramic Garden Stools $40

Not a vintage buy but a bargain at $40 with a huge round of applause going out to the lovely Natalie of In The Night Sky who stumbled across these stools at the Reject Shop in Melbourne... I bought two for the courtyard and one to add to my brother's birthday present. They've just about sold through the lot but it's worth ringing around if you live locally and happen to want any. I should point out that the paint work on the top of my stools cracked in the afternoon sun so they are better kept undercover or inside.

Have a lovely day, hope you find some vintage treasure too!

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  1. Wonderful buys. I especially like the honey tin. Too cute. Xx

    1. Thanks Loo, I love the honey tin too, now to find something to fill it with!.
      x Tina

  2. Great haul, especially the stools! The black ones are so glossy!

    1. Thanks Natalie! I'm in debt to you for the tip on the stools! They are super super glossy :) x Tina

  3. Wow, love your horse so now. Your padlocks are cute too, Would look great in a lil vignette!
    Have a great week!

    1. Hey Rachael,

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment :), it is amazing when you find vintage items that are as fashionable and to the minute as modern homewares, so glad you like the horse and the padlocks.
      Hope you had a great weekend xx Tina


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