Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sunburst Mirrors - Whether Antique or Reproduction I Love Them!

Here's a reproduction vintage style sunburst mirror I purchased recently... I know they have been done and done again but I adore a good mirror and have always been obsessed with sunburst mirrors!.
A missed Ebay purchase two years ago still haunts me to this day... I foolishly passed up a vintage Mexican Sunburst Mirror as it had to be sent via courier and I thought it would be too expensive!!!! Silly, silly me, it only had to be couriered from NSW Australia.
 For those who have ever watched Sex in the City, an exact copy adorned the wall above the mantel in Miranda Hobbs Manhattan apartment... and I passed it up!!!

This is the exact mirror I passed up as seen here in Miranda Hobbs apartment!

Miranda Hobbs Apartment

The History of Sunburst Mirrors
The Sunburst Mirror is believed to have originated in France ... two popular theories is that Louis XIV of France, after playing the role of Apollo, God of Sun, in a ballet later adopted the Sun to represent the royal family. Some believe this is where the Sunburst mirror eventually originated... many historians believe Sunburst mirrors actually originated during the French Revolution when Sunburst style Halos were taken from Church's ... as time progressed these Halos trickled down into the Antiques Market, purchased by collectors, who transformed them into Mirrors - Up-cycling genius!

Antiquaire Online

Country Living Magazine

Wherever they are hung, Sunburst Mirrors add depth and focus to a room... Over a dressing table, mantel or adorning your hallway walls they are definitely a mirror to consider.


  1. Hello - where did you purchase your mirror? I am searching for one!

  2. Hi Madeleine,
    I purchased my mirror in Melbourne at a sample sale about 2 years ago which won't be much help... I have noticed a few on Ebay from time to time but I've never purchased a mirror online so I'm not sure how the whole packaging posting thing works with items of this size and fragility etc... Wondering if somewhere like West Elm stocks them at the moment? Sometimes the beautiful old plaster ones can be found in antique and vintage stores... Hope this helps a little... Wishing you all the best in finding the perfect one.
    Cheers Tina :)


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