Monday, 16 July 2012

Hippie Hooray - DIY Vintage Ethnic Inspired Pom Pom Rug

This is an amazing DIY craft project ... I stumbled across this DIY Pom Pom rug by Free People, originally created as a shop display item and had to post about it immediately. 

It's part tapestry, part macrame, part ethnic inspired MAGIC! Best of all Free People posted this tutorial to help you make your own at home.  


Hand spun rug magic!

Free People DIY How to here
Image source Apartment Therapy courtesy of Free People and Free People
created at: 08/29/2011
DIY Vintage Pom Pom Rug - Image courtesy of curbly

This rug would make an amazing art work for your walls, the sky is the limit here colour wise and you can add extra embellishments ie bells, beads anything that works.... 

Your basic shopping list for this project is

-Cardboard used as the backing for each rope circle
-Twine or Rope
-Coloured String
-Pom Poms
- texta to mark your pattern on the cardboard

You could also use a rubber rug matt underneath to prevent slipping on floorboards..... Just use an Exacto or Stanley knife to cut the matt where there are gaps in the embroidered discs... always make sure you have a protective backing when using an Exacto or Stanley Knife.

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