Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Vintage Apothecary Bottles - From the laboratory to the home

I love the Apothecary / Chemist bottle craze, the bottles above were a bargain Ebay find at $25 for the set of 5. Apothecary Jars come in all shapes and sizes and range in colour from Cobalt Blue to Amber and Clear.

I was an unlucky early bidder on the large English Chemist Jar below. It was so beautiful and sold for close to $1900, a large sum given the damage but what an amazing antique find for the home!.

Used for centuries Apothecary Jars stored potions and medicines... some of the larger varieties stored leeches once used to treat ailments known as bloodletting!.

The Bromley Collection - amazing 

The David Bromley Collection

Apothecary Bottles

DIY Apothecary Labels Courtesy Amy Moss

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