Thursday, 19 June 2014

Inspiration Update - Feast Watson Re-Love Project 2014

The fun is underway at camp Vintage Movement!. My sawdust strewn pad is gearing up for some creative DIY'ing over the next week and I wanted to share some of my inspirations and ideas in the lead up to revealing my up-cycled coffee table and tripod as part of Feast Watson's 2014 Re-love Project. If you haven't checked out the line up for this year you can find all the details here.

For those new to Feast Watson, they offer a fab selection of wood finishes, treatments and paints... you know those floor boards you see in interiors like this - yep, they provide it all!.

Image courtesy of modern maggie

So, as introduced last week these are my chosen pieces. The tripod is an old telescope stand... it's a bit rusty and the wood is worn and the table is an old factory pallet sometimes also described as a railway pallet - I think?. I'm definitely going for an industrial vintage theme using a monochromatic colour pallet of grey, lime wash and black. 

and this pic featured in Real Living Magazine has been a great source of inspiration. I am loving the colour pallet used here and the patterned parquetry floor - thinking a chevron/striped patterned top for the table would be nice using wood stains. This way the wood is tinted with pattern but not completely covered in an opaque block out colour... the tripod will also be stained.

Here are my chosen tools of trade!



  1. Tina, I love the idea of using alternate stains to create a geometric pattern where the wood grain can still shine - awesome!
    Also, I think maybe those old factory pallets are referred to as "railway pallets" when they have metal wheels.
    Can't wait for your reveal!

    1. Great point Kristine that makes total sense :)... I think I've also seen similar described as a quarry pallet but I'm not too sure there either - will remain a mystery!,
      Thrilled you like the two tone concept! It turning out to be a bit more opaque in parts but there is still a lot of grainy goodness to see... count down is on! I am bursting to see those bedsides of yours - omg! xx tina


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