Wednesday, 30 April 2014

DIY Paint Dipped Wicker Planter Basket

My current obsession with indoor plants and succulents have lead to an immediate need for planters and pots. When I spotted this $10 Kmart basket on Lucy Violet's Insta feed I knew I had to buy a couple to house my spare Fiddle Figs. 

This simple DIY gives the effect of a dipped base without needing bucket loads of paint and best of all it is a great way to conceal a basic plastic pot!. 

You will need: Basket, Paint, Tape and Brush 
Simply tape around your pot, paint the base and leave to dry - simple!. See images below :).

Oh, if you do choose to use a weaved planter make sure your pot base is very dry before placing back in the basket after each watering to avoid water damage.

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